Voltzy Power Bank Reviews 2023- All You Need To Know

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews. After an intensive 22 hours of research and 48 hours of testing, we have found the best portable power bank to meet a wide range of needs, and gives you peace of mind whenever wall outlets are out of reach. Voltzy reviews

Voltzy Power Bank – This is a solar powerbank charger. It can charge any of your devices, even two at the same time!

Voltzy Power Bank
Voltzy Power Bank

Voltzy — The Solar Power Plant


Without a spare or room for a hefty air compressor, I was stuck.

Why couldn’t I just enjoy a nice night out? I haven’t seen my friend in months and THIS is how I’m meant to spend the last moments of the day? I just wanted ONE night, but clearly that’s asking for too much.

So, I went to dial a tow-truck. Right at the first ring, my phone died. I yelled out and slammed the steering wheel.

I sat there thinking.

With no phone and a flat tire, what should I do? I could walk to the gas station, but I passed it 10 miles ago. That would take ages, but what other options did I have?

After about an hour, I got out of the car and leaned against the door, closing my eyes. It started raining, soaking my t-shirt.

Just then, lights beamed around the corner. I jumped up and down, waving my hands. The car slowed, pulled down the window and revealed a young woman. I explained my situation to her.

She held out her phone, but I was at a loss for anyone’s number.

“No worries, try this. It charges your phone using solar energy. I keep it on my dash during the day so I can charge my phone at night.”

She handed me a device that looked like a phone, but built with a durable rubber exterior. I plugged my phone in and immediately it was charging. The green lightning bolt appeared and I sighed with relief.

“Give it a few minutes and your phone will turn on. Voltzy works pretty fast,” the woman said.

I asked her how she came across the device.

“Oh, you know. I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to try it out. I had low expectations, since buying technology online is risky. But this is the one piece of tech I never leave the house without, besides my phone.”

My phone bleeped, signaling it was back from the dead. I quickly dialed my wife. After a minute of scolding, she said she’d be there in 20 minutes with the spare tire.

I turned to the stranger and thanked her. I unplugged my phone and handed Voltzy back to her.

“You’re a life-saver!” I said.

“Nah… that’s Voltzy! Got myself out of a few predicaments with this guy.” She waved and drove off.

My wife showed up as promised and we returned home… exhausted.

Before my head hit the pillow, I searched up Voltzy and placed an order for two. I also wrote down my wife’s number on a piece of paper and shoved it into the glovebox.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering… what is Voltzy?

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank

What Is Voltzy Power Bank?

The Voltzy is a solar power plant for people who like QUALITY, BUILT-TO-LAST devices, that are RELIABLE and made with INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING.

Voltzy uses the sun’s energy to charge via solar-panels. Once charged, it’s ready to power your devices. Just plug your device into the cable provided and connect the other end to Voltzy. Your device will begin charging immediately!

The best part? Voltzy charges up to TWO devices at once. Your iPad or tablet need a pick-me-up? Phone low on battery? Charge both with Voltzy.

Completely wireless and portable, Voltzy keeps you safe in emergency situations. Power outage? Lost and isolated? Car broke down? Voltzy is up for the challenge.

With every Voltzy, you’ll also receive a carabiner. Personally, since I got my Voltzy, I hook it to my belt or backpack. That way, it’s there when I need it and out of the way when I don’t.

But Voltzy isn’t just for emergency use. It’s the perfect gadget for everyday situations. Love hiking? Check! Camping? No problem! Need a boost while in line at the grocery store? Done!

Emergencies can be stressful enough, so why worry about your battery power? Voltzy is always prepared to charge your devices, putting your mind at ease.

With LED indicators, this power plant reliably notifies you of its charging status. Cut the guesswork and hassle of other options!

What you get with your Voltzy Power Bank

1. Charging Cable

2. Certificate of Warranty

3. Single and Double-lock Carabiners

Why is Voltzy a Power PLANT?

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank

Voltzy isn’t just a typical power bank, it’s a power plant! Calling Voltzy a power bank just doesn’t do it justice!

Think of traditional power banks. What do you picture? I see lots of wires and hefty equipment. But the main issue with traditional versions is that they need electricity to charge. And that’s great, until it runs out of battery. Or until there’s a power outage…

With Voltzy, you’ll always have a way to power your devices. The sun is the most reliable source of energy!

Now I know what you’re thinking — what about clouds? Voltzy charges on CLOUDY days, it just takes a bit longer.

Plus, traditional power banks take FOREVER to charge your device. It’s because their internal battery just isn’t trustworthy. And after continuous use, they seem to barely hold charges. That means they always need electricity to be effective. But what’s the point of using a power bank if it’s always needing electricity?

I even had a friend tell me his power bank LEAKED. That’s just dangerous and not worth the risk.

At the end of the day, Voltzy is different. It’s reliable. It’s trustworthy. And it’ll keep you connected no matter where you are!

Ready to trade in your traditional power bank for a POWER PLANT?

Why Voltzy Beats the Competition

✅ 8000 mAh of Battery Storage Power
Voltzy comes armed with a strong battery that charges TWO phones from 0 to 100% at the same time. Just put it in the sun and it’ll immediately start charging off the built-in solar panel. If you’re in a hurry, you can also plug Voltzy into a power outlet and power your devices that way.

✅ Built-in LED Flashlight for Emergencies
Press the side button to turn on the LED flashlight so you can signal for help in emergencies or see in the dark. Click the button twice to turn on the emergency strobe. This light will bring attention to you in times of need.

✅ Multiple Charging Ports
With two charging ports, Voltzy lets you utilize energy for multiple devices at once. I often power both my phone and iPad at the same time!

✅ IP67 Water-Resistant Rated, Rain and Dust-Proof Casing
Splashes and slips aren’t a worry for this power bank. Stressed about the elements? Voltzy is BUILT TO LAST. With an IP67 waterproof rating and a rugged case, you can take Voltzy anywhere. I’m pretty clumsy, so this is an essential feature for me.

✅ 5W 2AMP Solar Panels
The amazing thing about Voltzy is that it charges using only sunlight. The built-in SOLAR PANELS charge the internal battery. All you do is leave Voltzy out in the sun (or any bright light) and it’ll charge. You will NEVER NEED an outlet during an emergency.

How Much Does Voltzy Cost?

Made for all budgets, Voltzy starts at $29.99.

Chances are you’d spend much more on a power source during an emergency! But why worry, when there’s Voltzy — an affordable, efficient, and advanced power plant?

I wish I had mine when my car crapped out. It would’ve saved me so much time and an upset wife!

Enjoy hiking, camping, or beach trips? Always find yourself with a depleted battery? Free your worries with Voltzy.

Not only does Voltzy make my adventures peaceful, but it also prepares me for any crisis. Emergencies are emergencies for a reason. We never know when they’ll happen.

To ensure everyone can get their hands on Voltzy, you can take $20 off your order today only!

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