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BarxBuddy Busy Ball Reviews. Barxbuddy busy ball is a smart ball that keeps your dog busy and active when you’re not home. It’s no doubt that all dogs love attention, but there’s nothing worse than the guilt you feel when you can’t give your dog the feel and attention that it craves 24/7.

To understand how the barxbuddy busy ball works, then read this barxbuddy busy ball reviews so that your dog will be constantly entertained and you become free of all the guilts whenever you are away.

You can also read the summary of barxybuddy busy ball reviews from their official website.

What Is BarxBuddy Busy Ball?


BarxBuddy Busy ball

The BarxBuddy Busy Ball is a modern-day upgrade of every dog’s favorite toy – a ball! This highly interactive “smart” ball uses built-in motion sensors to roll and bounce entirely on its own as soon as it’s touched with a nose or paw. No apps or controls are required – simply turn it on once and it’s ready for play!

Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety, destructive behavior, or simply boredom when you’re not home to play, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball lives up to its name by keeping your pup curious, active, and “busy.

This is no ordinary, lifeless pet toy. By tapping into your dog’s natural hunting instincts, the ball automatically engages your dog’s internal desires to chase, fetch, and retrieve. The best part? With the Busy Ball, you don’t have to touch your dog’s slobber to keep it moving!

Great for keeping your dog active and happy while you’re at work or out running errands, the Busy Ball is the ultimate “smart” companion that’s always ready for a game of fetch.

How Does The BarxBuddy Busy Ball Work – (BarxBuddy Busy Ball Reviews)

Barxbuddy Busy ball reviews
BarxBuddy BusyBall

Here are simple steps of how the barxbuddy busy ball works. Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

Step 1 – Twist The Barx Busy Ball

The BarxBuddy Busy Ball easily twists open to reveal the charging port and “on” button. Once the button is pushed, a green light illuminates to indicate the ball is activated.

Step 2 – Place The Barx Busy Ball

From there, the Busy Ball requires no human input. Simply place the ball on the ground and the intelligent motion sensors will activate the ball as soon as your dog touches it with their paw or nose.

Step 3 – Play The Barx Busy Ball

The ball automatically alternates between rolling and bouncing for an exciting game of fetch whenever your dog is feeling playful. Once your pup tires out, the Busy Ball will go into a default “rest” mode until your dog wants to play with it again.

Step 4 – Recharge The Barx Busy Ball

When it’s time to recharge, simply plug the ball into any standard USB charging device. A red light will indicate the ball is charging, and a blue light shows the ball is fully charged. One hour of charge time will provide up to 8 hours of fun for your furry best friend-perfect for keeping them occupied when you’re not home! Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

What Makes the BarxBuddy Busy Ball the Smartest Dog Toy You’ll Ever Try?

barxbuddy busy ball reviews
BarxBuddy Busyball

Curious to find out what makes the barxbuddy busy ball the smartest dog toy you’ll every try? Here are four smart features of the barx busy ball you will love. Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

Smart Reaction Technology

Motion-activated sensors instantly activate the ball when alerted to your dog’s presence. As soon as your dog is ready to play, the ball starts an automatic game of fetch that will keep him or her busy for hours at a time!

Built to Last

The Busy Ball is made of food-grade and nontoxic materials and is completely safe to bite and chew. It’s tear-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and built to withstand endless hours of bouncing, rolling, and romping around.

Randomized Pattern Never Repeats

When you play a normal game of fetch, your dog can quickly become bored with the same back and forth motion. The Busy Ball is programmed to randomize its motion every time your dog interacts with it. It zigs, it zags, it rolls, it bounces, always moving in a new direction and keeping your dog on their toes. Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

Long-Lasting Entertainment

The Busy Ball can be charged with any standard USB device. A one-hour charge provides up to 8 hours of nonstop activity to keep your dog happy & moving around whenever you’re not around to keep them entertained.

Try the BarxBuddy Busy Ball Today! – (Barxbuddy Busy Ball Reviews)

  • 100% Hands-Free
  • Self-Rolling
  • Waterproof & Saliva Proof
  • Tear-Resistant
  • Toxin and chemical free
  • Your Dog will love it – GUARANTEED

Features Of The BarxBuddy Busy Ball That Makes It Your Pup’s Favorite Toy

barxbuddy busy ball reviews
BarxBuddy Busy Ball

Easy Activation

A single nudge of the nose or paw activates the ball and keeps it moving as long as your dog is engaged.

Won’t Get Stuck, Ever!

In addition to detecting your dog’s presence, the ball’s intelligent motion sensors detect obstacles and prevent it from getting stuck in unwanted places. AKA your dog will never be left alone!

Randomized Motion Never Gets Boring

Every roll and bounce is completely unique and unpredictable to always keep your dog guessing on its next move. Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

Automatic Rest Mode

As long as your dog is playing with it, the Busy Ball will remain activated (for up to 8 hours). When your dog gets tired and stops chasing it, the ball will revert to a “rest” mode until it’s reactivated by your dog’s touch.

Can’t Be Destroyed!

The ball is made of durable nontoxic and food-grade plastic that’s completely free of harmful chemicals and designed to withstand endless hours of chewing without tearing or cracking.

Alleviates Separation Anxiety

The ball acts as a “companion” for your furry best friend when you’re not around, and keeps him/her occupied and entertained on-demand.

Moves On Its Own

Automatically rolls & bounces to keep your dog chasing.

Completely Hands-Free

No need to touch or throw a slobbery ball ever again, and no app required.

USB Rechargeable

Plugs into any standard USB charging device. A single hour of charge lasts up to 8 hours.

Waterproof & Slobberproof

The ball’s outer shell is made of durable nontoxic plastic that’s easy to clean and prevents any moisture from entering the internal components

How Much Does A BarxBuddy Busy Ball Cost?

You can easily purchase the barxbuddy busy ball from their official website. The cost for one Barx Busy ball is $45.99. There are also three options you can choose from

  • 1 BarxBuddy Busy Ball: $45.99 each (reduced from $69.99)
  • 2 BarxBuddy Busy Balls: $69.99 altogether (reduced from a total of $139.98)
  • Ultimate Play Bundle: $89.99 altogether (reduced from a total of $199.96)

Frequently Asked Questions About The BarxBuddy Busy Ball Reviews

How long does it take to receive my BarxBuddy Busy Ball?

We will be so excited to welcome you to the BarxBuddy family when you place your order today! Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your order and another email with your tracking information, once your order has shipped. Most orders will arrive at your home within 7–10 business days, but some locations may take just a little bit longer.

What happens if my Busy Ball breaks?

Unless your dog is a T. rex, it’s highly unlikely he/she will be able to destroy the BarxBuddy Busy Ball—AKA they’d need jaws of steel! But if for some reason your Busy Ball breaks or the internal components fail, please reach out to customer support and we’ll promptly send you a replacement. We’ve got your back like that! Barxbuddy busy ball reviews.

What happens if my dog doesn’t like it?

Having tested the Busy Ball with our own furry friends and getting incredible feedback from our customers, we’re confident that 99.9% of all dogs will LOVE the Busy Ball. If for some reason your dog doesn’t enjoy the automatic game of fetch the Busy Ball creates, and you decide it’s not the best toy ever, you’re protected by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just send us an email to let us know, and we’ll help take care of the rest.

How do I contact customer support?

We are here and happy to help! If you have any questions about your order, or run into any issues with your BarxBuddy Busy Ball, don’t hesitate to reach out to our incredible customer service team. They are available to help you and will take care of you ASAP. Email – Phone No 1-213-337-8656.

Final Thoughts On The BarxBuddy BusyBall Reviews

Barxbuddy busy ball reviews. Finally there’s a solution to keeping your dog busy while you’re away. It’s cost effective and makes easy for both you and your dog.

I like to say it’s a win-win situation for a little fraction of money as compared to the peace you will have while you’re away from your dog.

So if you have been looking for the best toy for your dog, then give BarxBuddy Busyball a trial and you won’t regret it.

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