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Korescale Gen 2 Reviews – Is It 2 Legit Or Scam(Updated)?

Korescale gen 2 is a digital bio-metric scale that scans and records up to 13 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking body composition and fitness progress. In this korescale reviews, we share with you all the health benefits of korescale gen 2.

Do you love to stay fit and healthy? Then you need the korescale smart scale to monitor your health metrics so that you can understand exactly what goes on right inside your body.

I love to stay fit, drink more than 2litres of water daily, eat my veggies, fruits, and all those good stuff. You get the drill, right? Yes, I know you do. But what’s the point of starting or being on a fitness journey without measuring your progress and understanding exactly what happens right inside your body?

The korescale gen 2 smart weight scale, scans and records up to 13 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking your body composition and fitness progress.

Korescale gen 2 is the most accurate scale that measures your body fat, muscle, protein requirements, and water weight.

This cutting-edge smart weight scale uses advanced bio-metric to help you track your health data so that you can measure accurately your fitness journey. Because without the right data, you can be discouraged and loose track of your focus.

There are many positive and relatable reviews about korescale and after an intensive research, we decided to write this Korescale Review to provide you with all the details you need before buying it from the official website

What Is Korescale Gen 2?

korescale gen 2
Korescale gen 2 reviews

Korescale gen 2 is a digital bio-metric scale that scans and records up to 13 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking your body composition and fitness progress.

With Korescale gen 2 you can easily track your fitness goals from the comfort of your home.

  • You can know what’s really going inside your body.
  • You will be motivated by tracking your fitness on your korescale app via your phone.
  • Measure your health metrics accurately with the korescale app
  • Reach your fitness goals faster with essential insights from the korescale app.

Key Features of Korescale Gen 2

korescale gen 2

Korescale gen 2 is designed for everyone irrespective of your body type. With the korescale app, you can track your BMI, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass and Protein all from the comfort of your home.

Technical Specifications of Korescale Gen 2

  • Korescale product size: 304*304*22mm
  • Weight Units: kgs, lb
  • Weight limit: 5kg to 180kg, 111lbs to 396lbs
  • Has a high precision gauge sensor system
  • Power supply 4*AAAA batteries
  • Allows up to 8 users
  • Low battery indication ‘Lo’ and overload indication ‘EEr’

The Korescale app also has great features to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey

  • Progress report
  • Easy to understand graph
  • Personalized progress report
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly tracking

How Does Korescale Gen 2 Work?

Korescale gen 2 works with the use of advanced biometric sensors that analyzes your body’s composition with 13 key health metrics. Each time you weigh in, it gives you more accurate data to help stay focus on your fitness journey. It does this by sending minutes safe electrical signals through your body when you stand on the korescale.

korescale gen 2

Pros and Cons of Korescale Gen 2 Smart Scale

In writing about this korescale review, we researched both the pros and cons. Below, are the pros and cons of using this smart scale.

Pros of Korescale Gen 2

  • Korescale gen 2 is a high quality product and has a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • No-hassle returns with korescale as well. You can return your order with 30 days of purchase.
  • It is made for all body types – The beautiful thing about korescale smart scale is that you adjust your reading according to your body scale. For example, for the active and muscular users with increased basal metabolic rate and high rate protein, they can go with athletes to get a more accurate smart scale report. Simply go for a model that suits your body type; But note that you can still get your health analysis using any mode.
  • Korescale gen 2 is User friendly – Korescale can be used by 8 users who can create their profiles and track their health and wellness, and so it is a good fit for the whole family to stay healthy together. The newborns are not also left behind, as you can activate the infant mode and watch your little one’s health throughout their growth.
  • Korescale gen 2 is portable – If you love to travel, Korescale is lightweight and can be kept inside your back. And with that you can carry also carry it with you and always track your health and wealth anytime and anywhere you go.
  • Korescale Accuracy – Korescale gen 2 is accurate as it measures that which matters most to your health. This device allows you to measure 11 other essential health metrics which includes body fat, muscle mass percentage, BMI, hydration and many more. With this you can reach your wellness and health goals with more information.

Cons of Korescale Gen 2

  • At the moment is limited in quality.

How To Use Korescale Gen 2

  • If you’ve purchased korescale, follow the steps below on how to use it.
  • First Download the Korescale app on your mobile device
  • Keep the smart BMI body digital scale on a dry and flat surface.
  • Step on the scale with both feet without shoes or socks with dry feet.
  • You will immediately see 11 different health metrics about your body on the korescale app.
  • You can also pair the korescale with other fitness apps such as Google Fit, Fitbit and Apple Health.

How Much Does Korescale Gen 2 Cost?

The Korescale gen 2 digital scale is sold at the price of $99.99 each, but with the If you want to buy more than one smart weight scale, you can by two scales for $199.99 and three scale for $224.99, then four smart scale for $274.99. This Korescale gen 2 reviews confirms that this smart scale is one of the top-selling offers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia etc.

Where Can I Buy Korescale Gen 2?

To buy Korescale gen 2 scale, kindly buy from the official website by clicking on this link. It’s best to buy your korescale gen 2 from the official website at the discount offer with a 30 day back money guarantee.

Korescale offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchased from them. Simply send the device back in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Korescale Gen 2 Review

Here are the frequently asked questions about korescale review.

Is Korescale Gen 2 Accurate?

Absolutely yes. Korescale gen 2 is accurate and consistent as well. You can step on it a few times and see the results for yourself. The smart digital scale calculates the levels of water, fat, muscle and bone in your body.

How will I know if my metrics are healthy?

In the Korescale app, all measurements have a color code that indicates your level of fitness

Can I use Korescale Gen 2 with the app?

You can weigh yourself with Korescale alone, but you will not be able to see your metrics with the korescale app.

Do I need to have my phone with me each time I use Korescale Gen 2?

No, Korescale can store up to 20 readings on its own without the app. The data will automatically sync with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

Final Thoughts On Korescale Gen 2 Reviews

Being on a fitness journey is great. But having a more accurate information as you start or continue on your fitness journey is best and reassuring as well. Korescale has helped thousands of people on their fitness journey and with the many positive and raving reviews from customers, you sure need one to measure your health metrics accurately and to keep a track record as well.

If you have been on your fitness journey and need more health gadgets to track your results, then try Korescale gen 2. You sure will be impressed and more excited to continue to keep fit with a better understanding of what goes on right inside your body.

korescale gen 2 reviews
korescale gen 2

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