Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack Review 2022: All You Need To Know

Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. Tactical Go Bag  has all the basic emergency items that you will need packed securely in one bag. Each bug out bag is hand assembled in the USA and neatly organized in high quality backpacks.

After an earthquake, hurricane or other natural disasters you may unfortunately be in a situation where you need to survive on your own for several days.  Being prepared means having food, water and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours. The Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack is the basic collection of elite items you may need in the event of an emergency.

You can also use the Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack for hiking, fishing, camping, jogging, travelling and hunting. It is marvel of engineering & design, the Tactical GO Bag was built
to endure whatever adventure you throw at it.

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Meet The Tactical Go Backpack


Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack is the highest customer rated GO Bag on The Internet Today.

When disaster strikes and panic sets in, you may see humanity rise up to be at its best — or its worst. When you find yourself walking in a crowd of strangers whose minds are gripped by fear and need for survival, the last thing you want to do is advertise that you are carrying a pack full of emergency supplies.  With Stealth Ops Tactical Backpack, the only one who needs to know that you are carrying a complete survival kit is you.

Tactical GO Bag can be used as 3 day assault pack, bug bag backpack, combat backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, rucksack military, army backpack or laptop day pack backpack.

This Spacious military backpack has multi-compartment and dual zippered closure pockets including interior zip pocket and mesh pocket for added storage options to meet your demands in daily life and outdoor.

Features Of Stealth Ops Tactical Backpack

The Stealth Tactical Backpack was designed specifically for bugging-out in urban (i.e. crowded) settings. The bag comes with plenty of space with its 53L volume. Designed to not look flashy or even tactical, you are more likely to blend in the crowd than you would with a bright red emergency backpack or even a tactical bag. Coupled with features like built-in waterproof covering, hydration bladder, chest & waist straps for easy carrying, and a built-in flint striker buckle; you end up with a backpack that’s perfect for bugging-out. 

  • Discreet: Sometimes, being prepared can be the very thing that gets you in trouble. Desperate times could cause people to take desperate measures. In those difficult moments the last thing you want to do is to advertise to everyone around you that you are prepared. Unlike traditional backpacks that are often used for emergency kits and bug-out bags, the Stealth Tactical Bag was designed to keep you and your supply safe by allowing you to blend in and not draw attention.
  • Food & Water: During an emergency, water is vital and access may be limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze dried meals. The USA made SOS brand food rations and water included in this emergency survival kit are US Coast Guard approved, has a 5-year shelf life, space-efficient, great tasting and calorie dense. These food ration bars also require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and are non-thirst inducing.
  • Ultralight Dome Tent: This 2-person portable shelter is both compact and comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easier to carry and store! When folded it is 22”x5”x3”, yet when set up it has a footprint of 74”x47” and a height of 42”. The breathable mesh vents allow for air circulation and it comes with a removable rain fly. The tent can be attached to the backpack using the side straps or on the bottom of the bag using the MOLLEs.
  • Multi-Compartment – Spacious military backpack has multi-compartment and dual zippered closure pockets including interior zip pocket.
  • Large Capacity – The Tactical Backpack has large capacity. Size Approx. 11.81″x19.68″x11.81″ / 30x50x30CM (W*H*D), Capacity: 42L
  • Durable & Comfortable – The back area & shoulder straps with adjustable chest strap are ventilated mesh padded design, breathable comfortable.
  • Paracord Keyring – Survival Paracord key ring and 550 paracord cord that will help make camping, backpacking, or hunting for a fuss-free and safe outdoor adventure!
  • D-Ring Grimlock – Secure snap & easy to open and close, you will be able to quickly remove or add various Molle gears on the Molle backpack.
  • Tactical MOLLE – Water Bottle Pouch, with 1 D-rings & strong metal snaps straps & 1 keychain hook. can be hung on molle straps or belt.

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What’s Inside The Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack?

Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack
Items in the Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack

Each item included in this bug out bag was carefully selected with things like functionality, weight, space, and cost in mind. Items are organized into subkits which are all packed into the backpack. The tent can be attached to the backpack using the side straps or on the bottom of the bag using the MOLLEs. 


  • 2x Large Nylon Bags 
  • 1x Tactical Backpack
  • 1x Heavy Duty Zip Bag 

Food & Water

  • 2x 3600 kcal Food Bars
  • 12x 4.2 oz Water Pouch
  • 1x 1L BPA-Free Tritan Bottle 
  • 2x 1L Folding Water Container
  • 10x Chlor-Floc Water Purification Pouches
  • 1x Hydration Bladder for Backpack
  • 2x 2L Water Bags

Shelter and Warmth

  • 1x 2 Person Dome Tent
  • 2x Vinyl Poncho
  • 2x HeatStore Sleeping Bag
  • 8x Hand Warmers

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • 2x Toothbrushes
  • 1x Toothpaste
  • 1x Comb
  • 1x Razor
  • 1x Shaving Cream
  • 4x Shampoo
  • 1x Soap Bar
  • 2x Feminine Pads
  • 1x Washcloth
  • 1x Small Sewing Kit
  • 1x Biohazard Bag
  • 1x Roll of 12 Toilet Liners
  • 1x Roll of Toilet Paper

First Aid

  • 1x 175 Piece First Aid Kit 

Survival Gear

  • 1x Multitool Pliers
  • 1x Folding Saw
  • 1x 5-in-1 Whistle
  • 1x Roll of Duct Tape
  • 1x Work Gloves
  • 1x Playing Cards
  • 1x 5mm Rope
  • 1x Compass
  • 1x GI Can Opener
  • 1x Self Defense Key chain
  • 1x Survival Knife
  • 1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
  • 1x Pencil

Light & Communication

  • 1x Dynamo Radio Flashlight (No Batteries Needed)
  • 1x 9 LED Compact Flashlight (AAA Batteries Included)
  • 2x Lightsticks

Technical Specifications Of The Tactical Go Backpack

  • SKU: 862
  • UPC: 850253006270
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Backpack Dimensions: 21″x14″x11″

Customer Testimonials Of Tactical Go Backpack

Find Out What Tactical Enthusiasts Have to Say About The GO Bag

“I just ordered my 2nd bag after having the orginal for 6 years and just wanted a new one. With in those six years I have taken it on many hunting /camping trips as well as a daily carry bag. I would highly recommend this bag for any adventures that awaits you.”


“Great pack for the price. Convenient zippers and pockets make storing and organizing gear and clothing easy. Perfect for light hiking/backpacking, day trips, overnight bag etc. I find it comfortable all day with up to 20 pounds or so, but more than that it doesn’t distribute the weight very well and I worry that swinging it on and off with heavier weight will put too much stress on the straps. I bought it last year for a 2 week long cross-country bus and hiking trip and was extremely satisfied. I now use it as my regular travel pack. Also, if not overloaded, it counts as a “Personal Item” as opposed to a Carry-On on all airlines I’ve flown with. I haven’t used the water bladder pocket yet, instead I use that compartment to permanently hold a lightweight and neatly folded wind-breaker.”


“I have thoroughly abused this bag. It has been my range bag, carrying all my sand bags, ammo, hearing protection and tools. It has traveled all over the country to competitions and been thrown about so much it should have been all to pieces by now. It has faded some from sitting on the firing line for hours on end. But it is still a great piece of gear. Thanks for making the toughest packs out there. In a time when there is so much junk in the marketplace, it is nice to know there is still Quality kit available that will last”


How Can I Get Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack?

You can purchase the Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack online on the manufacturers website. The product is only available on the manufacturer’s website. To make your purchase, use any of the links in this article and it will direct your to the official website and you shop without any hassle.

How Much is Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack?

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, we will refund your money – no questions asked.

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Conclusion On Stealth Ops Tactical Go Backpack Review

You never know when an emergency or disaster is going to happen and you will need to escape quickly. Having an emergency go bag prepared will ensure that you have everything you need in case that occurs. 

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