FitScale X Reviews 2023 – Is This Smart Scale Worth It?

FitScale X Reviews has a positive rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on the official website from many satisfied customers. If you’re struggling with your fitness goals, FitScaleX™ Smart Scale will get you on track with your fitness goals and improve your health!

Are you struggling to keep up with your fitness goals? Do you find yourself guessing whether you’re making progress?

Feeling anxious and losing confidence just because the number on the scale increases? Don’t do that.

In reality, a single weight number going up or down is influenced by multiple factors: fat content, muscle mass, bone weight, water intake, bowel movements, salt intake, and more.

You never know what’s happening inside your body; you can only see what’s happening externally.

It’s even worse when you finally struggle to lose weight, not knowing that you’re not losing fat, but muscle and water!

However, doctors will tell you that the only way to understand your internal body condition is through a comprehensive medical examination.

This method is not only expensive and time-consuming, but you also won’t understand the meaning behind complex data. It’s not much help if you’re trying to adjust your diet or exercise habits daily.

The good news is, thanks to the latest advances in health and fitness technology, there’s a better way to monitor your health.

With this revolutionary new device—the FitScaleX Smart Scale, you can now get a real understanding of what’s happening inside your body and accurately track the changes. Most importantly, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

What Is FitScale X Smart Scale?


FitScale X Smart Scale

The FitScaleX Smart Scale is a comprehensive upgrade from traditional scales; it’s a super-mini full-body check-up machine!

This device can detect subtle changes in your body, and its secret lies in BIA technology—Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This technology ensures that its measurements are nearly identical to hospital testing data.

When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors will scan and analyze your entire body, breaking it down into 12 key health indicators.

In addition to your weight, you can also view your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water rate, and more!

With this data, you can see in real-time and accurately how your body is responding to diet and exercise!

How To Use The FitScale X Smart Scale

how to use the fitscale x smart scale

Using the FitScaleX Smart Scale couldn’t be simpler!

Step 1: Download the FitScaleX™ application suitable for your Apple or Android phone.

Step 2: Step onto the platform—barefoot for the sensors to read the electrical signals within your body.

Step 3: Within seconds, you’ll receive a complete reading of your body composition, including all 12 key health indicators!

What makes the FitScaleX such an effective weight loss tool?

Many people get frustrated when they can’t see the results they want during weight loss. That’s because their approach to weight loss is not right.

The FitScaleX breaks down your weight into different categories: fat, muscle, bone, and water. This way, you can accurately see which part of your body is changing and adjust your fitness plan accordingly.

FitScale X Reviews

The FitScaleX™ can even help you set goals and display your daily progress to keep you motivated.

After sticking to your exercise and healthy eating regimen, stepping onto the FitScaleX™ will reveal a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle. Don’t let the slow decrease in weight deceive you; you’ve been making progress all along!

Features Of FitScale X Smart Scale

Fitscale x smart scale

FitScaleX™ has several additional features beyond measuring weight:

✅ Smart Fitness Guide: After weighing, FitScaleX™ app will show recommended range for each value, and interpret your body data, and give scientific guidance like private trainer, so that the fitness beginner does not detours.

✅ Dietary Changes Tracking: If you’re altering your dietary habits, the FitScaleX™ Smart Scale can effortlessly track your protein levels and hydration, ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients.

✅ Specific Fat Content:  For men aiming to shed the beer belly, the scale provides specific values for internal fat content. It interprets each measurement to let you know if your diet plan is effective.

✅ Muscle and Bone: For individuals entering older age, you can observe changes in your muscle mass and bone mass. The app also reminds you to keep muscle building if your data falls below the healthy range.

These are just a few examples. Once you start using the FitScaleX™, you’ll discover how these data points can help you easily improve various aspects of your health and fitness.

A smart scale that effortlessly monitors the health of your entire family!

Our scale comes with an easy-to-use app, featuring powerful functionalities and a user-friendly interface. Importantly, it can store body data for up to 6 different individuals, allowing you to care for the whole family with a single device.

Here’s what customers are saying about FitScale X Smartscale

“I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started using FitScaleX!  The motivation to lose weight is much stronger when I know how my body responds to different foods and workouts. Right now I’m more focused on muscle mass. Highly recommended for anyone trying to lose weight.”

-Rachael R. | Miami, FL

“When I used to weigh myself in the morning, I’d always walk away feeling so bummed out! With FitScaleX there’s so many metrics to pay attention to that help me track my progress, rather than just zeroing in on my weight.”

Daniel R. | Chicago, IL

“I saw this at gym, and to my surprise the first thing I noticed was that it allowed multiple-profile support. I bought this for our family, we have our apps synced – which lets us track our individual measurements and track our progress! We love sharing our progress on our family chat groups.”

Alice S. | Seattle, WA

Sounds Great. How Much Does It Cost?

Considering other smart scales are going for a hefty $200+, you’d naturally anticipate FitScaleX™ to fall in a similar range.

But here’s the surprise: FitScaleX Smart Scale is priced at $99.99! That’s way below what you might have expected.

Below Are The Prices of FitScaleX Smart Scale

One unit of the FitScaleX Smart Scale can be purchased for $109.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of 219.98. You save 50% when you buy this package.

Two units of the FitScaleX Smart Scale can be purchased for $209.99 instead of the original price of $439.96 You save 53% when you choose this package.

Three units of the FitScaleX Smart Scale can be purchased for $239.97 instead of the original price of $659.94. And you get to save 60% when you choose this package.

Four units of the FitScaleX Smart Scale can be purchased for $279.96 instead of the original price of $879.92. And you get to save 65% when you buy this package.

Don’t wait to order because stock is limited!

This is truly a revolutionary, life-changing product, that helps build fitness confidence, reduce the suffering from diseases, and cut down on treatment expenses.

So far, the FitScaleX has sold over 6,8400 units directly to consumers, even without the help of being sold in stores. And it has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available, it’s become that popular.

As of the publication of this article, you can get it 50% off the normal price but only for a limited time. That sale is ending soon though, so don’t wait too long! You’ll be glad you did. Get yours before they sell out again!

Click here to claim a discounted FitScaleX™ Smart Scale (if it’s still available) >>

Where can I get my Smart Scale?

Fitscale X Smart Scale

The only way you can get the genuine, super high-quality FitScaleX Smart Scale is from their official website here.

There are some knock-offs and imitations that don’t work so well. So, be aware to order from their official website and make sure to get the REAL DEAL directly!

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