Night Buddy Headlamp Reviews: The Best Head Torch

Night Buddy Headlamp Reviews. NightBuddy is the world’s #1 “zero bounce” 230° LED headlamp for perfect night vision anywhere, anytime.

Now you can exercise, explore, camp, work, repair, read and more with the world’s top rated headlamp in 2022!

Over 2000 customers recommend NightBuddy to stay safe and comfortable in the dark. 100% verified reviews.

“I was always looking for the best headlamp, but they all had their drawbacks. There were times when a regular headlight just wouldn’t cut it and I needed something more powerful. That’s why I founded my own brand of headlamps–to create the perfect product that would work in any situation.”

David IndlekoferFounder of The NightBuddy

What Is Night Buddy Headlamp?


Night buddy headlamp reviews
Nightbuddy Headlamp

The NightBuddy™ 230° headlamp offers an unrivalled field of light for wide illumination in any situation. With a “zero bounce” design, it’s the headlamp that’s loved by night owls the world over. Turn it on with the wave of your hand and prepare to see and be seen at night like never before!

Be Seen, Stay Safe – NightBuddy Headlamp Review

Headlamps aren’t just for seeing, they’re for being seen too. The NightBuddy’s™ powerful light allows vehicles to see you when running, cycling, walking the dog or even if you’re lost and they’ve sent a search party.

Features Of Night Buddy Headlamp

Night buddy headlamp reviews
Night Buddy Headlamp

Wave Sensor Turns The Lamp On and Off

Featuring a handy wave feature that allows you to turn the NightBuddy™ on and off with a wave. No more fumbling for the switch or taking both hands off the wheel/teddy bear/chocolate/dog, etc 🙂

Perfect For Camping

No more fumbling for a tin opener or lighter at 2am. No more erecting tents in the dark. The NightBuddy™ floods any campsite, cabin or tent with wide angle light and no more dead spots. Making camping more comfortable, stylish and practical than ever. 

Stay Safe While Exercising

Whether you’re hiking, exploring, jogging, cycling or even walking the dog, the NightBuddy™ helps you find your feet and makes sure vehicles can see you on the side of the road.

Say Goodbye To “Bouncy” Headlamps

Tired of headlamps that bump and bounce, stick out, knock into things, or send a cone of light into the distance but not near your feet or to your side? The NightBuddy™ offers a powerful no-bounce design and side light for distance viewing. It’s the headlamp that lights up your life!

Make Light Work Of Car Repairs!

Changing a tire or dealing with a breakdown isn’t fun in the day, but it’s worse at night. Fix flat tyres faster. Get a good look under the hood. Find your phone in the dark. Be seen and safe while you wait on the roadside. The NightBuddy™ is your breakdown buddy.

Adjustable headband for any size noggin

Fits perfectly on any helmet or head, big or small. The adjustable headband makes the NightBuddy™ snug, secure and stays in place no matter what you get up to in the dark.

Powerful side beam and 5 lighting modes

Powered by XPE LED that delivers powerful light coverage up to 300ft in distance. Plus 5 lighting modes including flashlight and 4 brightness options.

No Charger, No Drama

Pumping out a powerful 350 lumens from a rechargeable battery means you’ll get the job done safely and without cables, chargers or power supplies. The headlamp lasts 3hrs on the brightest setting and 8hrs on the lowest. Need to recharge? Use the superfast USB Type C charger to fill up the juice ready for your next nighttime adventure.

Superlight, In Every Sense.

Yeah, it’s bright. But it’s also light to carry too. With a sleek design that’s comfortable and low profile, you’ll have the right light to make a night of it :

Pros And Cons Of Nightbuddy Headlamp

Pros Of Night Buddy Headlamp

  • 230o degree wide angle beam
  • On and Off Wave Sensor
  • Red Light Mode
  • Spotlight Mode
  • Zero Bounce Design
  • Rechargeable via USB-C
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Free shipping on every order in the US
  • Love it or your money back
  • Save 60% on your headlamp order today
  • Try it out and see for yourself!

Cons of NightBuddy Headlamp

  • Nightbuddy Headlamp can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website at a discount

Here’s Why Night Owls Love NightBuddy HeadLamp

“I recommend Nightbuddy headlamp for professional mechanics. It’s a game-changer in terms of convenience and functionality, comfortable to wear all day long and no issues with the battery or heat. It’s a must-have for anyone who works on cars or needs a reliable and convenient hands-free lighting solution.”

Mark – Verified Buyer

“Nightbuddy headlamp is a must-have for anyone who works outdoors. It’s slim, comfortable and the light is bright enough to see everything around you. The red-light feature is also a huge plus as it doesn’t attract any bugs”

Sam – Verified Buyer

“This has totally changed my night runs. I can finally run in confidence and feel safe, especially in those areas where the street lights are not on. I love how flexible and light this thing is, it never bounces when I’m running.”

Kassie – Verified Buyer

“I am usually quite picky when I buy stuff online and this is probably the best purchase this year so far. I am using this headlamp more often than I thought I would. Now I even use it when I go for a walk with my dog. Definitely, a must-have little gadget.”

George – Verified Buyer

How Much Does Night Buddy Headlamp Cost?

Nightbuddy headlamp is affordable compared to all it’s amazing features. It is the most powerful headlamp and over 1,500 customers recommend NightBuddy to stay safe and comfortable in the dark.

To order yours, simply select the quantity you want, then fill your shipping information and pay with either your card or paypal.

Each order comes with free shipping on every order in the US and also 60% discount today! And also a 30 days money back guarantee. But you’ll love Nightbuddy and will not need to return it back.

Prices Of Nightbuddy Headlamp

Conclusion On Night Buddy Headlamp Review

NightBuddy provides unrivalled 328ft light and a 230° surrounding light to keep you safe and productive at night.

Powerful 350 lumen light makes the NightBuddy the most powerful and safest light you’ll own

One Time Offer – Save 50%  : Includes superfast car charger + USB cable to plug into any car charging port. Plus sturdy carry case to keep your Nightbuddy safe and easy to transport.

Check out these FAQ’s About NightBuddy Headlamp.

Q. Why is the NightBuddy™ better than other headlamps? 

The no-bounce design allows you to comfortably wear the headlamp during any type of physical activity. Unlike other lamps, it won’t fall off and put you at risk. It also features a handy wave function to turn the light on and off for your convenience and safety. Finally, it has a 230° field of light for superwide night vision!

Q. Can anyone use it?

Yes, thanks to the adjustable headband, the NightBuddy™ can be safely and comfortably worn on any head size, or even on helmets, over masks, caps and more.

Q. Are there instructions on how to use it? 

Yes, the NightBuddy™ has full instructions showing you how to attach, wear and use the headlamp (including all 5 lamp modes!)

Q.  How long does the battery last? 

The headlamp lasts 3hrs on the brightest setting and 8hrs on the lowest.

Q. Is the battery rechargeable?

Yes. It features a USB Type C connection to charge the battery during the day or whenever you’re not using it.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

Yes, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Love it or pay nothing! 

Q. Will I have to pay additional fees to ship my order?

No, there are zero shipping fees on this item.

Q. How long does shipping take outside the US?

Outside of the US, free shipping may take up to 4 weeks.Order Now & Save 60%

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