HVN Sleep Pod Reviews 2022 – The Smart Way To Stop Snoring

HVN Sleep Pod Reviews. HVN Sleep pod is the most advanced smart anti-snoring device ever. The device and app are designed to help you fall asleep faster and put snoring to rest!

Made from high quality materials, the product ensures to provide you the safest and the most enjoyable sleep.

Small, comfortable and easy- to- use device so you can take it anywhere you go.

If you are told you snore or sleep with a snorer HVNsleep is for you.

My snoring was awful. I think. I’m not really sure because I never heard it. My girlfriend sure did though. It seemed as though every night she was jabbing me in my side, trying to quiet my awful snoring. It didn’t work, though. My snores would annoyingly resume the minute I closed my eyes.

We tried a few different solutions but none of them worked. Sadly, she couldn’t take it anymore and delivered an ultimatum. I either fix my snoring issue, or I’d have to sleep on the couch when she came over. So even our intimate times were being affected!

HVN Sleep Pod Reviews
HVN Sleep Pod Reviews

I was a little hurt, but I understood. Snoring can be a real dealbreaker. When I was a kid, my father was the worst for snoring. My mother absolutely hated it. I’ll never forget it. And now I may be just like him.

And this wasn’t the first relationship that had become strained because of my snoring. It’s been a real source of stress for me for years now.

But on top of this, I’m just not feeling rested when I wake up. When you regularly snore at night it disrupts the quality of your sleep — leading to daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems.

I’m so fed up with it. And like I said, this isn’t new, and I’ve tried all the remedies and gadgets that promised to rid me of my snoring, but nothing has worked.

Well until now.

HVN Sleep Pod Reviews
HVN Sleep pod reviews

I’m always scouring the internet for the latest and greatest technology related to snoring, and I don’t want to get too excited prematurely, but I found a product online and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and, dare I say it, my snoring has stopped!

I’m actually amazed. I didn’t think I’d ever find a solution to my problem, but all it took was a tiny electronic gadget called the HVNSleep Pod. If you (or your partner!) suffer from snoring, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing snore stopper that will leave you (and your partner!) feeling refreshed each and every morning, ready to take on the day with a positive outlook.

What Is HVN Sleep Pod (Anti-Snoring Device)?


HVN Sleep Pod
HVN Sleep pod

HVN Sleep Pod is a smart electronic muscle stimulator that is designed to detect snoring and emit gentle pulses to stimulate and massage the muscles of the throat, allowing you to sleep peacefully without snoring.

The magnetic electrode patch is made of a medical-grade fabric with hypo-allergenic and high adhesive properties. It’s designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

Connect the USB cable to the charging base, and place the device on the base to charge. With up to 15 hours of battery life, HVNSleep keeps going all night long, just on a single 2 hour charge.

How HVN Sleep Pod Works – (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews)

HVN sleep pod works in three simple steps. And here is how it works.

All you do is place the HVNSleep Pod below your chin and the sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data. When it identifies a snoring sound, it will emit the pulse which opens your airway permitting proper breathing. Perfect!

And get this, the HVNSleep Pod comes with a mobile app that can track things like snoring patterns and overall sleep quality. I’ve learned so much about my sleeping and snoring habits.

  1. The sensors in HVNSleep work to detect and collect snoring data. The device uses the most advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to recognize and analyze your snoring.
  2. Once the HVNSleep hears you snoring, it sends out a range of 10Hz-60Hz micro electro impulses that stimulate your throat muscles and then makes adjustments according to your breathing, but without any painful shocks or rude awakenings.
  3. The device also stimulates the sublingual muscles (under the tongue) and nerves,increasing the respiratory tract airflow and keeping you breathing smoothly throughout the night.

Features Of HVN Sleep Pod Anti-Snoring Device

In a sleep and snoring study done by The Southern University of Science and Technology, HVNSleep technology was proven to significantly reduce snoring and completely stop it in lots of cases. And below are the amazing features of HVN Sleep pod that make’s it one of the best anti-snoring devices today!

Record and analyze your snoring

The Sleeplus app records your snoring and gives you real-time data to help find a solution that works for you. By tracking changes in your snoring decibel levels, you can adjust your sleeping method to one that suits you better.

The more you know, the more you sleep

Sleeplus provides an in-depth look at your nights by monitoring sleep cycles and detecting snoring.

Curated soothing sounds

Experience less stress and more restful nights with our carefully curated selection of sleep sounds and relaxing music.

Breath Properly and Snore Less

Studies have shown that being able to breathe freely while sleeping is the key to improving it. HVNSleep is a simple yet powerful device. It sits comfortably on your throat and uses electro-pulses to stimulate your throat muscles once you start snoring, increasing the airflow and improving your breathing.

Tracking Your Sleep is a Dream

Sleep is essential and the Sleeplus app gives you everything you need to maintain a restful night’s sleep, so that you snore less, sleep better, and live better.

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How do you use a HVN sleep pod?

Setting up the HVN Sleep pod anti-snoring device is quite simple. Just follow the steps below and get your device working for you immediately.

  1. Download the app. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and open the app. Follow the guidelines on the app to pair the device.
  2. Stick the strip below your chin and ensure the groove is near your throat (make sure this site is clean and dry).
  3. Press the strip for about 30 seconds to make full contact with the skin. Then power on the main component and attach it to the conductive strip.

Testimonials Of HVN Sleep Pod Anti-Snoring Device

HVNSleep Pod has dramatically Improved Lives. And below are some of the testimonials of happy users of the device.

HVNSleep was a lifesaver! I’ve tried every so-called anti-snoring device I could get my hands on and not one of them worked. So, when I saw HVNSleep, I was pretty skeptical, but since my snoring had become a serious problem, I had to give it a shot. IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I was impressed by the simplicity of it. Don’t waste your time with anything else, get yourself a HVNSleep and you, and your partner will wish you didn’t do it sooner!

Richard M. – Santa Monica, CA

I bought this a week ago and it’s working like a dream. A beautifully simple product that really works.

Becky T. – Denver, CO

It’s changed my life. My girlfriend has been a heavy snorer for years and it’s really taken its toll on my sleeping pattern. Can’t believe I found something that works. Super easy to set up and it’s beautifully designed. It’s an extremely effective solution.

Taylor P. – Portland, OR

Worth every cent! My husband has snored for years and it’s really had a negative impact on his health. He was always tired and sluggish. He just started using the HVNSleep and in just a few days it’s already had a massive effect on him. It’s completely stopped his snoring and he’s feeling energized and awake. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with snoring.

Anne A. – Miami, FL

Pros of HVN Sleep Pod

Guaranteed High Quality

Made from high quality materials, the product ensures to provide you the safest and the most enjoyable sleep.

No-Hassle Returns

If you are not satisfied with your HVNSleep product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for full refund.

Quick & Convenient

Small, comfortable and easy- to- use device so you can take it anywhere you go.

Where To Buy HVN Sleep Pod

HVN Sleep Pod can easily be purchased on the official website of the manufacturers and you get it delivered to you without any hassle.

How Much Does HVN Sleep Pod Cost?

Conclusion On HVN Sleep Pod Reviews

There’s no doubt that a better night’s sleep is on everyone’s to-do list. The goodnews is that you don’t have to struggle again, the device and app is designed to help you fall asleep faster and put snoring to a stop!

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