Bug Bulb Mosquito Zapper

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Mosquitoes are the #1 annoyance every summer.
They’re not just irritating. They can cause havoc with your health!
Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about mosquitoes anymore.
Just set up a Bug Bulb and let the zapper take care of them!
I turned my son’s bedroom (and our entire home) into a mosquito-free oasis.
Bug Bulb has even made our weekly barbeques, and yearly camping trips, peaceful and mosquito-free, too.


Kill Mosquitoes Instantly with Bug Bulb!

Enjoy Summer Without the Uninvited Mosquitoes Using Bug Bulb Mosquito Zapper

This Simple Device Is A Mosquito Death Trap

With Bug Bulb, you will kill mosquitoes once and for all. The non-toxic LED light attracts the mosquitoes before they get a chance to make contact.
Instead of applying sticky lotions and repellents filled with harsh chemicals, you can get rid of pesky mosquitoes with the simple push of a button.
Our rechargeable device can be set up anywhere and is there is absolutely no mess and no odor, so you can simply set it up and enjoy a mosquitoes-free home.
It’s time for summer and that means annoying mosquitoes.
Are bloodthirsty mosquitoes ruining your summer?
Every summer they get into our home and drive us nuts all night long with their buzzing and biting.
I check my window screens for holes and even check my air conditioner vents but they’re masters at getting in and I don’t know how they do it!

Feel 100% Protected with BUG BULB

  • Outdoor Lantern/Flashlight
  • Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free
  • UV-Light Attracts Mosquitoes
  • Compact, Portable, & Durable
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Hanging Hook


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