Colorize Lights Reviews – Is This Brightology Solar Light Any Good?

Colorize Lights Reviews. Upgrade your yard in minutes with this stunning LED Light, solar powered and easy to install colorize light. The colorize lights reviews has gotten quite a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers, and in this review we share all you need to know about the colorize lights and illuminate your pathway this festive season.

Are you in search of an alternative way to illuminate the pathway leading to your house? Then look no further. As we found this brightology LED pathway lights that can transform your Pool Area, Landscaping, Gardens and Dark Pathways. The essence of this review is to give you a detailed analysis of Colorize lights.

What Is Colorize?


Colorize is a decorative pathway solar light that lightens one’s garden, landscape, pool, patio and any outdoor environment. If you want to rectify issues about poorly lit outdoor areas or want to add a personal touch that will help your home stand out, Colorize is the best way to go.

This Solar Powered LED light goes beyond providing lights, it can prevent accidents, tripping and falling due to darkness.

Here are the features of colorize lights that will interest you.

Features Of Colorize Lights Reviews

Colorize is superior to conventional LED lights due to it’s combined features below:

7 Vibrant Colors + Color-Shuffle Modes

Colorize™ can emit white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, or turquoise lights. Furthermore, its color rotation and shuffle functions permit the device to shuffle between seven colors. To our surprise, it also has a memory function, where the chosen settings are repeated even after it has been turned off and on again.

Solar-Powered LED Lights

Colorize™ is 100% solar-powered, meaning that its built-in solar panels are likely to absorb and preserve natural sunlight. Thus, the need for extraneous wiring and costs associated with hiring electricians can be eliminated. Likewise, its solar-powered nature prevents the need to hook Colorize™ to a power grid, implying new electricity uses.

Automatic Operations

Sometimes, forgetfulness may arise where Colorize™ might be left unattended or unswitched. This unit automatically turns on upon detecting darkness based on the claims made. Hence, individuals are no longer required to run in and out of their homes. If Colorize™ has been staked near a driveway, the lights will automatically turn off upon detecting headlights. Considering everything, individuals will need to be methodological when purchasing and placing these units.


The weather-resistant nature of Colorize™ ensures that lighting persists despite any harsh conditions. It is important to note that the brightness level might be negatively impacted by winter and frigid temperatures, especially if one’s location does not have sufficient sunlight during the daytime. Another point is that these units are not fully waterproof; therefore, they should not be submerged into a swimming pool. Instead, Colorize™ can be placed along the pathway of a pool.

Simple Installation Of Colorize

The installation is as straightforward as staking Colorize™ into the ground, turning the device on, and watching it light up once it gets dark. There honestly isn’t much to it, which is ideal given that not everyone can play the role of a technician.

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What Are The Specifications Of Colorize Lights? – (Colorize Lights Reviews)

Here are the specifications of colorize lights

  • Size: 4.5 x 5.3 inches
  • Material: plastic
  • Brightness: 15 lumens
  • Waterproof level: IP44
  • Sensor mode: light sensor
  • Switch: On/Off/ Mode buttons
  • Rated Power: 0.2W
  • Voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Battery: 3.7V 14,500 500Ma lithium-ion rechargeable

Colorize Transforms Any Area Of Your Home

The Pool Area

Is your pool looking dull at night? Adding just a few of these around your pool will make it stand out and look gorgeous.

Landscaping & Gardens

A poorly lit garden or landscaping area is a turn off at night. Colorize fills your garden, fences, pools, BBQ areas with stunning & colorful light! Be warned: Your neighbors might start asking where you got them!

Dark Pathways

Accidents happen, tripping & falling on a dark pathway can cause serious injury. Light the way and stay safe with Colorizes “striking” LED lights.

10 Reasons This DIY Light (Colorize) Is The Perfect Home Upgrade – (Colorize Lights Reviews)

“I love solar lights & these are eye-catchers to folks passing my home. I enjoy rearranging them in the yard..just to do so. Gives the neighbors & cars going by something to talk about…”

colorize lights reviews
Colorize Lights Review

1. Makes Your Home Look Like A Getaway Retreat

Many homeowners think they need more lights to fix their dull and boring yard. Look, any fixture can shine a bright light onto your home. Colorize takes a different approach by actually giving your home a warm ambient glow. Every time Colorize is on, your house will look like a vacation resort by the beach. 

2. Create Your Own “Color-scape”

Instead of just one boring light (usually white), Colorize showcases your home with 8 beautiful color modes. They are red, green, blue, white, color-changing rainbow. No matter what mood or atmosphere you want, Colorize will give it to you at the click of a button.

3. Perfect Holiday Light

Looking for a little Christmas cheer? Halloween spook? Or 4th of July energy? The 8 colors do more than just please the eye, they actually celebrate with you! Tip: To kick the festivities up a notch, put them on “color-changing rainbow” mode.

4. Put Them Anywhere

Just pick a place with soft ground and lots of natural sunlight. You can line each side of your driveway or walkway, glamorize your patio, or light up your garden. They also give large trees and flower bushes a mystical aura. You can really have fun with this. Just use your imagination.

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

Any light can fix your dark spots. But Colorize is more than a “quick fix”. It’s a complete shift in your home’s curb appeal. While your neighbors have boring white lights, you’ll have a rainbows selection of colors. Your home will turn heads and make jaws hit the floor.

6. 20-second Installation

Other lights take hours of backbreaking labor and complicated work. Not Colorize. Just pick a spot on your yard that needs extra TLC and stake them into the ground and walk away. That’s it. Seriously. At night time, just look out your window and enjoy your home’s brand new look.

7. No Messy Wires

Colorize is 100% solar powered. It’s solar panels absorb the natural sunlight and preserve them for later. No need to hire an electrician who’ll charge you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to wire them in. There will be no ugly wires running up your wall and causing an eye-sore. Just a beautiful rainbow of light that beautifies your yard.

8. Saves You Money

Again, Colorize is 100% solar-powered. So it doesn’t hook into your power grid and eat your electricity. You can breathe easier knowing your home is being splashed with wonderful colors and your bank account won’t get drained.

9. Turns ON/OFF By Itself

Look, we’re all busy. We get home from a long day of work but it doesn’t stop. Kids, pets, spouse, cooking dinner, etc. It’s easy to forget you took 20 seconds to install a beautiful solar light. But no worries, Colorize turns on by itself. The built-in sensors know when it’s dark and it activates Colorize automatically. No need to fumble with a light switch or go outside to turn them on. Just look out your window and enjoy the light show.

10. Thousands Of Homeowners Are Crazy About Colorize

Colorize is providing thousands of homes with a “shock” of glamorous light. Just look at what Mike is saying, “We have a large painted mural on our back wall behind our pool. These four solar lights really brought out all the colors and made it look extra alive”. Then there’s Carolyne who told us, “They really light up the house and we get a lot of compliments from the neighbors.”

Here’s How To Get Colorize?

Colorize is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you know how to protect your home and family without expensive installations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official Colorize website here
  2. Enjoy your bright beautiful home

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