Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews 2021 – All You Need To Know

Generally, the blaux motion lighting reviews has gotten lots of positive reviews from many customers. If you want to buy blaux motion lighting, this review tells you everything you need to know about the Rechargeable Blaux Lighting that requires no electrical socket, and installs in Seconds! – The Benefits, features, official website and where to buy Blaux Motion Lighting.

Is there some place in your home where you’ve always wanted to install lighting… but couldn’t because that spot doesn’t have any electrical socket?

Forget about poking around in the dark or squinting your eyes, trying to find something in the dark!

What Is Blaux Motion Lighting?


The Blaux motion Lighting LED strip works where you could never put a light before because it doesn’t need an electrical socket to work.

Blaux Lighting is an LED light created by Blaux, a consumer electronics company.

Featuring a motion detector, a rechargeable battery, and advanced sensors, Blaux Lighting can be placed anywhere in your home that you need to illuminate.

Each Blaux Lighting strip contains 10 powerful LED lights. You can use the lights to see in the dark. Or, you can illuminate a space like a dark cupboard or cabinet. Some use Blaux Lighting for decoration.

Your Blaux Lighting purchase comes with an adhesive strip. One side of that strip features a magnet. The other side features an adhesive material that can attach to anything in your home. Just peel, stick, and place each Blaux Lighting LED strip anywhere you like.

Rechargeable Blaux Lighting Installs in Seconds with Easy-to-Attach, Magnetic Foam Mounting Strips

No electrical outlet in your closet or kitchen cabinets? Thankfully, Blaux Lighting strips don’t require any electrical socket to illuminate even your darkest corners in a beam of light! You don’t require an electrical outlet of any kind.

Unlike many inferior lights on the market, the Blaux Lighting strips feature a USB-rechargeable battery. You’ll never run up your electrical bill with Blaux Lighting, and you’ll never have to buy expensive disposable batteries.

Just open your closet door or pull open a kitchen cupboard. Try walking down a dark hallway at night, or up some poorly-lit staircase. The Blaux lighting will turn itself on automatically, making it safe and easy for you to do what you need to do. The automatic turn-on feature improves productivity and helps foster personal safety. And better yet, the lights turn off 15 seconds after they stop sensing movement.

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Features Of Blaux Motion Lighting – ( blaux motion lighting reviews)

 blaux motion lighting reviews
Blaux lighting

LED Lights

Providing enough light to brighten up any dark areas in your home, each LED light has an approximate life time of 80,000 hours. And with the Blaux Lighting’s automatic shutoff feature, a single set of batteries could last you months!

Light Sensor

The light will only activate if the room is dark, preventing the light from turning on under bright conditions. This way you don’t get any irritating blasts of light when you walk past your Blaux Lighting unit in a room that already has the lights on.

Motion Sensor

Activates only when it senses motion – perfect for lighting up the insides of a cupboard when you open the cupboard. And when the unit stops sensing your motion, the lights will turn off after 15 seconds to extend battery life.

Sensitive Distance: 10-26ft

The light can activate from up to 26 feet away, making it ideal for lighting your walking path at night and in dark rooms. This lets the lights automatically turn on, even if they’re at the bottom of the staircase while you’re at the top.

Sensitive Angle: 120°

The sensor can detect motion over a wide range of angles, allowing you more freedom when placing the lights. This is a thousand times better than motion detecting lights that have a narrow detection “sweet spot” that always misses you when you enter a room.

Easy To Set Up

Just charge Blaux Lighting strip via USB, then mount the lights using the magnet and adhesive combination. You can move the lights wherever you want them to put light wherever you need it, whether it’s in your garage, kitchen cabinets, or basement staircase.

The Lighting Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Stop squinting in the dark, trying to find something in a dimly-lit cupboard. And stop risking your safety walking down stairs in your pitch-black basement!

The Blaux Lighting strips only turns on when you activate them – and they turn off automatically when you’re done! A single charge of the rechargeable battery can provide you with bright, illuminating light for weeks, or even months on end.

But if you’d like to receive your Blaux Lighting kit without delay, it’s best to order right away – as one of the most popular products we offer, it’s hard for us to keep Blaux Lighting in stock, so it’s best to buy now while it’s still in stock!

And if you order Blaux Lighting today, we’ll even give you a 50% DISCOUNT if you order now. Get the best lighting solution you could ever dream of, all at a price you won’t believe!

How To Use Blaux Lighting In Just 3 Steps

  1. Simply charge Blaux Lighting’s battery from any USB-A outlet.
  2. Use the magnetic foam strip to mount the lighting wherever you want it to go
  3. Start enjoying Blaux Lighting to see perfectly where it used to be too dark to see a thing.

Benefits Of Blaux Motion Lighting – ( blaux motion lighting reviews)

Transfor Any Space In Seconds With Cordless LED LIGHTING

The Blaux Lighting LED strip works where you could never put a light before because it doesn’t need an electrical socket to work! The device takes its power from a USB-rechargeable battery – this means you can place it anywhere you need to add light – even in your shed or motor home!

With its bright 10 LED light array, it can light up any spot and the combination of the light and motion sensors means the light will only turn on if it’s dark – the light turns on only when you need it, extending battery life significantly!

Stop Squinting In The Dark Or Searching For A FLASHLIGHT!

Can you even see what’s in the back of your kitchen cupboards? Can you tell the color of your shirts or blouses when you open up your closet? Do you trip over your own feet when you try to walk down your stairs at night? Stop the guessing game, stop searching for that flashlight you can never find when you need it, and heaven forbid, stop stumbling on the stairs before you injure yourself! 

Boost your productivity and improve your safety with the power of the Blaux Lighting Strip – it only turns on when YOU need it to, and the batteries will provide you with hours of illumination and safety!

Enjoy Bright Lighting, Even Where There Isn’t Any ELECTRICAL SOCKET!

There’s no need to pay a fortune to an electrician to install lighting in your closet, cabinets, or cupboards! The Blaux Lighting Strip requires no electrical socket to work, and the USB-rechargeable battery will provide many hours of power. You’ll love being able to tell what color your shirts or blouses are the instant you open your closet door!

And the Blaux Lighting Strip will light up every time you open your closet door, cupboard, or walk into your garage at night. Place one on your porch so it turns on when you walk up at night and you’ll never again have to fumble around for your keys in the dark!

What Customers Have To Say About Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews

I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH I NEEDED THESE LIGHTS! My wife wanted to get these lights so she could actually see what was inside of our kitchen cupboards. Well, they worked so well there, we ordered a bunch more, and I can’t tell you what a positive change they’ve made in our lives. We put one on our back porch, a pair by the staircase, and another right inside our garage. We never knew how much we needed these lights until we started using them in our home!


We needed more light, but living in an apartment we couldn’t install new lighting. That’s where these lights become a real life saver – you can place them anywhere, even where there isn’t any electrical socket. Now I can see what’s in the back our kitchen cupboards – it’s made life a thousand times easier when I’m searching for the right bottle of seasoning!


I never realized just how much time I was wasting by having to squint just to try to see what color the shirts in my closet were. The Blaux Lights turn on every time I open my closet door, and they do the same with the cupboards in our kitchen. It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised how good it feels to fix those annoying problems in life once and for all!


I WISH I HAD THESE LIGHTS YEARS AGO I used to stumble around at night trying to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. A couple of times I even tripped over a pair of shoes! These lights are perfect – they only activate when the room is dark, so they don’t turn on during the day. But at night, they come on the moment they sense your presence. Now I can see where I’m walking every time, and I never have to stumble anymore!


Pros Of Blaux Lighting

  1. GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY – Blaux Lighting are manufactured from professional-grade materials and will last you for years.
  2. NO-HASSLE RETURNS – If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
  3. QUICK & CONVENIENT – Made to function right out of the box with minimal effort or work!

Where To Buy Blaux Motion Lighting – ( blaux motion lighting reviews)

You can easily buy blaux motion lighting from the official website and get it delivered to your address without any hassle.

When you order from the official website, you also enjoy the 50% discount that is available their.

How Much Does Blaux Motion Lighting Cost?

Below are the prices of blaux motion lighting

  • 1 Blaux motion lighting is $39.99
  • 2 Blaux motion lighting is $79.99
  • 3 Blaux motion lighting is $89.99
  • 4 Blaux motion lighting is $109.99

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