Speedpro Fast Car Phone Charger

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Speedpro Fast Car Phone Charger

Speedpro fast car charger lets you power up two devices at once when driving! It has 3X The Power of Regular Car Chargers.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Car with Dead Devices!

Is there anything worse than being stuck on a long drive with a dead phone?
If you’re like me, driving is a huge part of the day. You really just want it to go smoothly.
Driving without a fast, effective car charger is a nightmare. And it’s happened to me, lost, in the dark, without phone maps.
The SpeedPro fast car phone charger  cuts recharge time on all your favorite devices. It is Compatible with USB powered devices including Android, iPhone, iPad and more. Sleek, portable, easy to plug into convenient double USB charging ports.

Features Of Speedpro Fast Car Phone Charger

Charge 2 Devices At Once

SPEEDPRO lets you charge up to two devices at the same time. Just plug them in and start charging!

3x More Powerful Than Standard Chargers

Don’t get stuck with the weak, slow chargers the big-tech companies give you. SpeedPro car charger has 3x the power!

Simple Plug & Play Charging

Just plug your device in! There are no programs to run, and nothing to set up. Just plug in your device and go!

Use Any Car Power Socket

Use any power socket in your car. SPEEDPRO will deliver up to 18 watts of charging power.

Uses Your Phone’s Charge Cable

No special cables are required! Just take the cable that came with your phone and plug into SPEEDPRO car charger.

Works With USB-A and USB-C

With your choice of USB-A and USB-C charging ports, you can charge the majority of modern devices. Speedpro Car Charger


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