Airmoto Tire Inflator

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Airmoto tire inflator. Airmoto Inflates vehicle tires, soccer balls, motorbikes, mountain bikes, dingies and all other inflatables. Airmoto tire inflator provides up to 150 psi of air output, inflating tires in under 8 minutes. It is Sleek, compact, and functional. it even has a flashlight and power bank built right in.

There’s no question that every car and home needs to have an Airmoto. Rated as one the best-selling portable air pumps on the market. With a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and powerful output of up to 120 PSI – this compact smart pump can handle anything.

Features of Airmoto Tire Inflator

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Works With Most Inflatables
  • Powerful 120 PSI Output (works in minutes)
  • 2000mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Includes LED Flashlight For Dark Moments

How To Use Airmoto Tire Inflator

Using Airmoto is simple and easy. The all-in-one smart pump that can be crucial in emergencies.

  1. Turn it on from the “on” button, attach the air hose that comes with your Airmoto and select the proper connection tip.
  2. Set your desired pressure or select a default setting. Connect the air hose to your car or other item.
  3. Press start, that’s it! Airmoto will handle the rest, automatically shutting off when the job is done.

From Outdoor Activities To Driving Down The Road

No one likes Roadside emergencies but they happen.  Or are you on a road trip with your family and loved ones, you can inflate your tires quickly with Airmoto to keep you on the road.
Save time and money without calling a tow truck or using gas station air pumps anymore!

From Basketballs to Car tires this smart pump is useful in your car, at home or anywhere!
It is Portable and Lightweight, Works With Most Inflatables, and it’s just the perfect gift for anyone you know!


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