The Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Read This Before Buying

The Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews. Hey Mom and Dad. Are you looking for a way to get your kids offline for a few hours?

Recreational screentime has doubled over the last couple of years and it’s not going to get any better any time soon!

In fact, Dr. Jason Nagata (University of California) noted that “more screen time was linked to poorer mental health and greater stress among teens.”

It was already quite dark and they had a bonfire prepared. But this wasn’t what caught my attention.

It’s with a The Orbi.

This thing will keep your entire family entertained for hours! Or take some time for yourselves while the kids play the day away!

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orbi boomerang ball reviews
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What is a The Orbi Boomerang Ball?


The Orbi is your fun-filled solution for mundane nights and bored kids! This high-tech spinner floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, returning to you like a boomerang!

It’s equipped with vibrant RGB LED lights which light up any room or your backyard for easy and exciting entertainment. It’s the perfect cure for ‘lockdown fatigue’ and kids can’t get enough of this fantastic flying gadget.

This rechargeable flying orb floats, glides, spins, and climbs through the air, and returns to you just like a boomerang.

It’s equipped with vibrantly colorful RGB lights to light up your backyard sky, or rec room, and amaze your family.

It’s designed with futuristic drone technology for mind-blowing stunts and wild tricks.

Parents love how it’s a fun, engaging, and affordable way to get their kids off the couch for an evening!

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – How Does The Orbi Boomerang Ball Work?

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews
The Orbi Boomerang Ball

Don’t worry. It’s easy to use! This isn’t some confusing gadget with a 100-page instruction manual!

Anyone can use this flying spinner to do the coolest tricks right out of the box.

Turn the boomerang ball on, hold it upright, give it a shake, and it will do the rest!

Just give it a toss and you’ll quickly see just how easy it is to do the most eye-popping stunts and tricks.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Who is The Orbi Boomerang Ball Made For?

So if you’re asking who’s the Orbi made for? The Orbi is perfect for:

  • Children of all ages
  • Adults of all ages
  • Outdoor fun in summer
  • Indoor fun in winter

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Why You Will Love Orbi Boomerang Ball

We are certain you will love and enjoy the orbi Boomerang ball, and here are some of the reasons why you will love the Orbi Boomerang Ball.

  1. Foolishly Easy To Use
  2. Perfect For Outdoors Or Indoors
  3. Insane Offline Entertainment
  4. Fast-Charging Via Micro USB
  5. Lightweight & Durable
  6. Motion-Activated
  7. Designed With Vibrant RGB Lights
  8. Can Soar Over 100 Feet In The Air
  9. Futuristic Drone Technology
  10. Safe & Affordable Family Fun

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Fun Ways You Can Use The Orbi Boomerang Ball

Become the Orbi Master! Here are just a fraction of the insane tricks your kids and you will master with your The Orbi.

  1. The ‘Down Under’ – Inspired from our friends Down Under, this throw is perfect for beginners. Just toss it into the air and watch it come right back to you, like a boomerang!
  2. The Master Of Illusion – Place your hand underneath The Orbi and defy gravity as it psychedelically spins around and around.
  3. The Climb – Toss your The Orbi straight up in the air and watch it climb! How far will yours go before coming right back down to you?
  4. The Magic Wands – Use the special The Orbi Wands (sold separately) to control and pass your The Orbi between each other, landing on the magnetic bases.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – What’s In A Box?

  • 1x Keilini Orbi Ball
  • Magnet dome, one
  • Charging cord: 1
  • An instruction book

Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews: Specifications

  • Orbi Ball only weighs 26grams
  • 3 Lithium Metal batteries, various sizes
  • Size in inches: 4.72 x by 2.72 by 0.87
  • Charge Period: 25 minutes only
  • Yes, rechargeable
  • LED RGB lightning: Yes

STILL DECIDING? Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions About The Orbi Boomerang Ball

Question: My kids aren’t exactly gentle. Will The Orbi survive them?

The Orbi is made to last. It’s not indestructible, but it’s tough enough for daily use. A few knocks, bumps, and drops shouldn’t be a problem

Question: What size is The Orbi?

The Orbi is slightly larger than a baseball, or a little smaller than a softball. And it weighs approximately 26g.

Question: How much use will I get out of The Orbi on a full charge?

You will be able to use The Orbi for approximately 10 minutes on a full charge. And it takes just 25 minutes for a recharge!

Question: How much does The Orbi cost?

It’s super affordable! And during this special offer, the more units you buy, the more you save! It’s an incredible offer you shouldn’t miss out on.

How Much Does The Orbi Boomerang Ball Cost?

The Orbi Boomerang Ball is super affordable and you can easily purchase it from the official website. The links on this article takes you directly to the official website, so you can order safely and enjoy all the discounts and express delivery on all orders.

Prices of The Orbi Boomerang Ball

Here are the prices of the Orbi Boomerang Ball. Select the quantity that you want.

Conclusion On The Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Is The Orbi Worth It?

This engaging orb will get your kids off the couch for an evening of psychedelic family fun.

You can use it outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. Reduce harmful screen time and improve your hand-eye coordination.

People all around the country are fighting the isolation blues with the most exciting flying spinner orb for the most insane fun.

You really have to experience it for yourself because there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Want Your Own The Orbi Boomerang Ball?

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