Magic Outlet Reviews 2023 – Instantly Create A Power Outlet Exactly Where You Need One With Magic Outlet

Magic Outlet Reviews. MagicOutlet Is The Ultimate Life Hack For Easily Accessing Your Hidden Or Covered Power Outlets.

Is your wall outlet hidden behind your sofa, dresser, office desk, or bed?

It won’t be with MagicOutlet!

The NEW MagicOutlet is the miracle life hack for instantly repositioning your power outlets for easy access!

MagicOutlet is designed with a 4-foot cord that makes relocating impossible-to-reach power outlets simple and convenient.

No more straining and reaching for outlets. No more moving furniture.

Is there an outlet in your room that’s hiding behind furniture? Don’t break your back trying to plug in your phone! Relocate any hard to reach outlet with this helpful device.

Organize your workspace without “cord confusion”

Outlets are the life source of any room, but they are often hard to reach. MagicOutlet doesn’t just relocate your outlet, it has USB outlets to charge even more devices.

How can wall outlets be moved?


MagicOutlet relocates outlets within four feet, so you can charge and connect from anywhere in your home. No reaching behind the couch or moving heavy furniture just to plug in.

You can try to move an electrical outlet yourself, but you may end up causing more damage to the wiring. And electricians will send you a big bill you may not be able to afford.

magic outlet reviews

What Is Magic Outlet?

Magic Outlet Creates a Power Outlet Exactly Where You Need One.

MagicOutlet is designed with two AC outlets and two USB ports so you’ll always have enough access to power.

It even has a built-in shelf to hold your phone or tablet while they charge!

And don’t worry, MagicOutlet won’t fall and damage your gadgets.

In fact, MagicOutlet’s adhesion is so strong it can support up to 25 lbs of weight!

Features Of Magic Outlet

magic outlet reviews

One of the most amazing features of Magic Outlet is that you work anywhere comfortably Boost your productivity in a comfortable workspace by relocating your outlet. Build the room of your dreams by setting up your devices and appliances exactly where you want them.

If you have multiple cords in every direction, you may end up wasting time just trying to untangle them.

Instead of jumbled cords collecting dust, keep your most important devices within reach and in plain sight.

  1. Move your outlet in any direction

MagicOutlet relocates and repositions your outlet with a 4 ft long cord. Your furniture can stay right where it is!

2. Connect more USB devices

MagicOutlet comes with two standard AC outlets and two USB ports to charge even more devices.

3. No more tripping hazards

MagicOutlet lifts your outlet, making it safer and easier for everyone to see.

4. Sticks to wall in seconds

Just peel and stick the MagicOutlet to your desired spot and that’s it!

5. Works anywhere

MagicOutlet can stick to almost anything. It works on wood, metal, tile, and drywall.

6. Modern, sleek, and heavy duty

The slim design and heavy duty power cord hide flat behind furniture without destroying or bending the cord.

How To Use Magic OutletMagic Outlet Reviews

Magic Outlet is so easy to Install – MagicOutlet Is A DIY Dream.

Keep messy piles of wires clean, tidy, and off the floor with this revolutionary tech.

It’s super strong to stick to wood, metal, tile, drywall, and more.

MagicOutlet is also UL Listed which ensures it’s a safe, power-solving solution for anywhere:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kids rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dorm rooms
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • And more!

3 Steps On How To Use Magic Outlet

1. PLUG into your hidden or covered outlet.

2. PEEL off the adhesive backing.

3. PRESS onto the wall for convenient access.

Pros Of Magic Outlet – Magic Outlet Reviews

MagicOutlet Is The Ultimate Life Hack For Easily Accessing Your Hidden Or Covered Power Outlets. Here are some of the amazing reasons why you’ll love magic outlet

  • Relocates power outlets up to 4 ft
  • 2 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, & a built-in shelf
  • Supports up to 25 lbs
  • Works on wood, tile, metal, drywall, & more
  • UL listed

People are ditching power bars and extension cords for MagicOutlet!

“Instead of paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on an electrician, I installed a few MagicOutlets around my home and that was just what we needed. They make my covered power outlets usable again and they even have USB ports for gadget charging! MagicOutlet is the real deal.”

Mark D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I rent, so moving my outlet is totally out of the question. But I hate that I have to sacrifice my own comfort to work at home. This little device has really changed the way I work from home. I feel like I have so much more freedom to move around my place.”

Satisfied Customer

“Now I can access ALL my wall outlets easily! My house is older and all the plugs are low to the floor and when I need to plug and unplug items I have to reach down to the plug. I bought MagicOutlet and now all my plugs are on the wall where I can easily reach to plug and unplug my items. It is great.”

Mary B. – Seattle, WA

“Just what I needed. My wall plug by my bed was right behind my dresser! Installed MagicOutlet in a few seconds and it works perfectly for my needs! Super easy to install and so convenient to use. I am very happy with the purchase.”

Brenda M. – Albany, NY

How much is MagicOutlet?

Right now, MagicOutlet is only $24.95. The last time I checked, there was an even better price with a 51% discount!

If you search online for outlet relocators, you will find a lot of knockoff products. Don’t fall for these fakes! The quality is not nearly as good and you will only be disappointed you wasted your time and money.

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