Everblade Knife Reviews 2022- Truth Revealed About This Self-Sharpening Knife

Everblade Knife Reviews. There’s nothing more frustrating and useless than a dull kitchen knife! Instead of getting nice, clean slices and cuts, you just make a mess – tearing and ruining your food instead of slicing it!

Well, today you can say GOODBYE to your dull kitchen knife problems once and for all! EverBlade is the top-chef’s knife that NEVER goes dull! You read that right – EverBlade really does keep it’s razor-like sharpness FOREVER.

EverBlade is a Professional Self-Sharpening Knife Built from the Finest German Steel! It’s an all purpose kitchen knife, that comes with a sharpener holder and each time you replace EverBlade in its holder, the built-in sharpener goes to work, ensuring your blade stays as sharp as the first time you used it!

Incredibly, EverBlade’s knife block actually sharpens the knife every time you take it out to use it!

This amazingly advanced knife has already taken the culinary world by storm! And now you can enjoy this world-class German Steel blade in the comfort of your own kitchen!

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What Is Everblade Knife?


Everblade knife Reviews
Everblade is the best of both worlds

The best kitchen knife built from the finest German Steel with sharpness beyond compare. Balanced for unparalleled cutting speed with the durability to last a lifetime, EverBlade is so versatile it will replace all your other knives.

With EverBlade, preparing foods is faster and easier. Easily slice through a butternut squash or pineapple, delicately slice tomatoes. EverBlade never dulls because it comes with its own knife block with a built-in sharpener. Every time you take the EverBlade out of its holder, it is honed back to its original sharpness. That means every time you slice something with EverBlade, it‘s as sharp as they day you got it!

For decades, chefs from around the world have debated over which nation makes the best kitchen knives – Germany or Japan.

Japanese blades stay sharp longer than any other knives, due to the super-hardness of Japanese Steel. But this hardness comes at a cost: super-hard steel is brittle, making Japanese knives prone to cracking. And they turn rusty if you don’t carefully dry the blade the second you’re done using it.

On the other hand, German Steel is more flexible, meaning German blades almost never crack.  They’re also impervious to rust. But the downside of the more flexible German Steel is that it goes dull much more quickly than Japanese knives. It just can’t hold an edge like Japanese Steel can!

For decades, chefs have dreamed of having a knife with the Samurai-like cutting power of the Japanese blade, mixed with the durability and rust resistance of genuine German Steel. And now, for the first time ever, EverBlade has made that chef’s dream come true!

Everblade Knife Reviews
Everblade is obviously the best of both worlds

EverBlade gives you the durability and rust resistance of a German blade, but with the eternal sharpness of a Japanese blade!


It doesn’t matter if you’re hacking through heavy pineapples, slicing delicate tomatoes, chopping thick cuts of meat, or slicing julienned carrots. EverBlade knife can even cut through a delicate loaf of bread without the need for a special serrated knife!

Every time you grab EverBlade knife, the sharpener hones the blade back to its original razor-sharpness. That means with every slice, you get a perfect cut, with no mess and no slop.

And needless to say, a sharp knife is far safer to use than a dull one! You’ll never slip or cut yourself while struggling to get a nice clean cut!

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Features Of Everblade Knife

EverBlade isn’t just sharp. It’s made to perform with all of the features and quality that pro chefs demand from their knives!

Razor-Sharp Every Time You Use It

Say goodbye to sloppy food prep, ragged cuts, and smashed and ruined herbs. Regardless of whether you’re cutting delicate herbs or vegetables, or dealing with thick cuts of meat or sturdy fruit like pineapples, you’ll get a precise, no-slip, clean cut every time.

Built-in sharpener

An ingeniously-designed knife holder is the secret to why EverBlade is the best kitchen knife on the market. Each time you remove your EverBlade from its holder, the blade is sharpened. Each and every time! This ensures your knife will NEVER become dull. It will hold the same razor sharp edge as the day you first used it.

Made From The Finest German Steel

EverBlade knives are designed with the finest German steel which makes these exceptional blades not only corrosion and rust resistant, but also extremely flexible so it won’t crack or chip as easily.

Ergonomic Design

EverBlade knives are made with a curved blade for effortless slicing, and they’re perfectly balanced for the best performance. It also has a convex edge blade design because they’re less prone to the ‘drag’ other kitchen knives struggle with. Cutting has never been more comfortable.

A Precision Tool For True Chefs

Kitchens drawers everywhere are filled with dull, dangerous, underperforming knives that aren’t worthy of the men and women who use them. EverBlade is a professional blade for those who appreciate genuine quality and know their way around a kitchen.

The Finest Crafted German Steel

EverBlade knives have a curved angle that makes them superior for making the ‘rocking cuts’ necessary to micro-dice onions and fine herbs. Just rock the blade back and forth on the item you’re cutting to get cuts ranging from thick and chunky to diced and precise.

Convex Edge design

A convex edge is superior to V-shaped edges because it maintains sharpness better and introduces less drag when cutting and slicing. Ideal for kitchen use and providing superior performance, convex edge blades outperform old-fashioned, V-shaped blades every time.

The One Knife For EVERYTHING

Use it on absolutely anything, from meat, to fruit, to vegetables, to whatever you want to cut! With its enhanced durability and amazing self-sharpening, EverBlade is the only knife you’ll ever need. You won’t believe how good it feels in your hand – the confidence you feel using a blade of such high quality simply cannot be overstated.

Specification Of Everblade

  • Built-in sharpener for unparalleled performance.
  • Effortlessly slices through any food.
  • New Convex Edge design for superior cutting speed.
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime.
  • EverBlade is designed to be used right out of the box with no complicated assembly needed. Enjoy it right away.
  • EverBlade is made from the highest quality materials for exceptional craftsmanship and durability.
  • Designed with a self-sharpening holder, just put your EverBlade back in it to ensure a consistently razor-sharp edge.
  • Use it on anything from hard cheeses to soft, delicate fruit like tomatoes. EverBlade is even tough enough to cut through a phone book!
  • German steel is incredibly durable and fantastic for all-purpose use. It makes for the perfect kitchen knife.

Pros Of Everblade Knife

Guaranteed High Quality – EverBlade is made from the highest quality materials for exceptional craftsmanship and durability.

Fast And Easy Set Up – EverBlade is designed to be used right out of the box with no complicated assembly needed. Enjoy it right away!

No-Hassle Returns – If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 60 days for a refund of your purchase price.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Try out the EverBlade for a full 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied by its performance, handling, and sharpness, just return it for a complete refund. It’s your two month, no risk guarantee!

Cons Of Everblade

  1. The Everblade knife is only available online at the manufacturers official website
  2. This knife is not very compact and as such you cannot carry it on a trip to anywhere or use it on your travels. There are smaller knives available that you can use like the huusk knives

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Customer Reviews Of Everblade Knife

Stop relying on that kitchen knife you’ve had for YEARS!

If it’s not razor-sharp, you don’t want it! These people have upgraded to EverBlade and they’re loving their newest kitchen essential!

“I highly recommend this cutting knife. Not only is it amazingly sharp, but it’s incredibly durable! I’m not easy on my knives and they always get dull and chipped so fast. Not EverBlade though. It’s still as sharp as day one, and I’ve never been happier with a simple kitchen knife! And it’s a minor detail, but the sharpener is quite stylish. It’s not an eyesore in my kitchen. Perfect.”

Jack F.– Seattle, WA

“Okay, I’ll admit it, I rolled my eyes when my wife said we needed another knife for the kitchen. Now, EverBlade is the knife I use for cutting everything: pineapple, squash, blocks of cheese, steak, even homemade bread. I love it!”

Richard G.– Naperville, IL

“The EverBlade Knife is my new favorite kitchen knife. I used to love my chef’s knife but have been reaching for the EverBlade almost every single time I’m preparing a meal. The blade is sharp every single time, the knife is well-balanced, and the self-sharpening knife block is small enough to fit on the countertop or even the smallest kitchen spaces.”

Heather L.– Boston, MA

The Everblade Knife Price

Despite all the astonishing benefits of the EverBlade Knife, it is very cheap and affordable. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a generous 50% discount to let everyone buy at a lower price. You can get one EverBlade Knife for as low as $49.99. Other available offers include:

However, you should know that the discount will only be available for a limited time, so get yours today!

Where Can I Order Everblade Knife?

You can conveniently order the everblade knife from the manufacturer’s website. When you order from their website, you get to enjoy the 50% discount and your order will be safely delivered to you. When you order from the manufacturer’s website, you can also try out the EverBlade for a full 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied by its performance, handling, and sharpness, just return it for a complete refund. It’s your two month, no risk guarantee!

Conclusion On Everblade Knife Reviews

Few things in life are as frustrating as a dull knife. Squashed tomatoes, flattened French breads, uneven ugly cuts that make you look like you just stepped out of a junior Home Economics class… and that’s not even counting all the accidents caused by a rogue knife that slips on you!

With EverBlade, you’ll be enjoying perfectly razor-sharp cutting EVERY time for years to come.

Made from the finest German steel with a sharpness beyond compare, EverBlade knives are perfect for all-purpose cutting. Whether you’re preparing pineapples as a tasty treat or delicately slicing ripe tomatoes, it provides the perfect cut, every time.

Each time you place EverBlade in its holder, the built-in sharpener goes to work, ensuring your blade stays as sharp as the first time you used it!

Forget pulling a knife out from the drawer only to have it club your food instead of cut into it! EverBlade is ever ready with the sharpest edge for the most effortless cutting you’ve ever used.

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