Slicechum Knife Sharpener Review – Is This The Best Knife Sharpener?

This SliceChum Knife Sharpener Review will tell you all you need to know about this best kitchen knife sharpener that is a must have in your kitchen wares.

Slicechum Knife Sharpener is the best knife sharpener ever. Do you struggle with blunt knives either as a chef, or when meal preparing for your family and loved ones? No doubt that having a good kitchen knife is one of the most essential kitchen utensils you will always need. But what happens when your knife goes dull?

Never mind I’ve got a solution for you. You can now cook like a PRO with this MAGIC KNIFE SHARPENER! SLICECHUM gets you chef grade knives in seconds.

slicechum knife sharpener review
slicechum knife sharpener review

No matter what your skill level is, you’ve likely been making food at home a lot more than you’re used to. Home cooking has many benefits, but if you find yourself (like I did) with the wrong tools, it can be a nightmare!

The home kitchen’s worst offender – DULL KNIVES!

Your knife is arguably the most important tool in the kitchen, but it’s vital that the blade is SHARP!

STAY SAFE With A Sharp Knife


One of the most dangerous, and probably the most common mistakes people make with their kitchen knives is allowing them to get too DULL.

When a knife becomes DULL, it causes you to force more pressure while cutting. By using more pressure, the knife might slip out and cause you SERIOUS HARM!

slicechum knife sharpener review
Slicechum Knife Sharpener Review

Thankfully there’s an answer to our kitchen knife woes…

What Is Slicechum?

SliceChum is an AMAZING portable knife sharpener that gives your knives a razor-sharp edge in SECONDS!

The compact knife sharpener has 2 sharpening blades, TUNGSTEN and CERAMIC: tungsten is used for coarse sharpening that can bring a damaged blade back into service. Ceramic is perfect for finer honing that will make a good knife great. Just pull the blade back through a couple of times and your knives will be instantly upgraded to something you’d only otherwise find in a professional chef’s arsenal.

Just because your old knives are dull doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause. You can easily revive your knives and restore them to their former glory using SliceChum.

When you use a properly sharpened knife on herbs, they release more aromatic oils rather than being mushed into a sad-looking clump. Tomatoes keep their delicious juices and onions brown easier (a dull knife crushes cell walls and causes a build-up in moisture).

A dull blade will tear and bludgeon your ingredients into tasteless lumps. SliceChum makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard and will instantly improve your cooking!

With a SHARP KNIFE, you cook with SPEED and PRECISION and most importantly, it makes your food TASTE and LOOK BETTER.

Dull knives ruin the flavor and presentation of your food!

slicechum knife sharpener review
Slicechum knife sharpener

How To Use Slicechum – (SliceChum Knife Sharpener Review)

Step 1

Place SliceChum on a smooth, stable surface.

Step 2

Twist with the LOCK arrow to fix it in place. The suction power will guarantee it won’t slip and cause injury.

Step 3

Pull your dull knife through the coarse slot, from the heel to the tip, three to six times (pull a couple extra times for more dull or damaged knives).

Step 4

Finish with one or two pulls through the finer slot.

Step 5

Once you’re done, wipe down the blade with a wet cloth.

7 Reasons Why You Need Slicechum – (SliceChum Knife Sharpener Review)

Here are 7 reasons why you need slicechum.

If you ask any great chef, they’ll tell you that the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in the kitchen is the KNIFE.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine cooking anything without one.

  • Safer
  • Saves you money
  • Fits anywhere
  • Restores old, dull knives
  • You’ll cook better
  • Works on all kinds of knives
  • Cooking becomes easy and fun

Benefits Of Having Slicechum Knife Sharpener

Cut Costs

A new set of knives can set you back THOUSANDS! Even an expensive set isn’t of any use if they’re DULL. Bring your old knives BACK TO LIFE with SliceChum and save on buying new ones.

Fits Anywhere

SliceChum has an ultra-compact and lightweight design. So, it can be easily tucked away in a kitchen drawer and will be ready to go whenever you need it.

Hands-Free Safety

The base of SliceChum is fitted with an EXTREMELY POWERFUL suction-cup so it won’t budge an inch while you sharpen your knives. There’s no need for tools, you just simply stick it to a smooth surface and start sharpening!

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Final Thoughts On Slicechum Knife Sharpener Review

Sharp Knives Changed My Life, and They’ll Change Yours Too!

I always saw cooking as a chore and generally avoided it if I could, and I never really considered myself a good cook, UNTIL NOW!

It was MY DULL KNIVES that were holding me back!

Ever since using SliceChum on my knives at home, my meals taste amazing and cooking has become so much easier and FUN! I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic change but I’m telling you, SliceChum has completely changed how I think about food!

Word has gotten out about SliceChum and home cooks all around the world are trying to get their hands on one. Demand is CRAZY at the moment, so you should grab one while you still can!

slicechum knife sharpener review

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