Automend Pro Reviews 2022 – Is Automend Pro Any Good?

Automend Pro reviewsEasily Diagnose Your Car Problems Right from Your Cellphone

Automend Pro provides you with a complete overview of your vehicle’s health. If any problem is found with your vehicle, it will instantly be displayed on your phone and you’ll also be informed how much the repair usually costs. It’s like having a professional auto mechanic with you wherever you go!

Automend pro will save you thousands of dollars in auto repair costs! This small device is the future of auto maintenance and repair. It can diagnose over 7,000 vehicle problems right from your cellphone!

Automend pro is the only mechanic I can trust these days. Do you ever take your car to the mechanic? and end up with a ridiculous bill? You may think you’re getting ripped off, but how do you know for sure if you’re not a car guy. With your own Automend pro you can save lots of money on estimates alone.

I drive an Audi A4, and the maintenance over the years, has really added up. I had to replace the brake pads it costs alot. So when my engine light went on, I was a little hesitant to bring it in. I have always heard of car diagnostic devices, but never sure if they really worked.

When I came across this device, it was too good to be true and I was amazed at the price ($49.99). I thought I was falling for an Automend pro scam.

Automend pro reviews
Automend pro

What Does Automend Pro Do?


Automend Pro when plugged into the car or truck’s OBD II port it sends alerts to your phone of any mechanical or other repair issues with your vehicle such as:

  • Coolant temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Fuel system status
  • Vehicle speed
  • Intake Air temperature
  • O2 level
  • Mileage
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturer- recommended maintenance
  • History
  • Reports

It also has a unique feature that quickly and easily allows you to locate your car. That means no matter where you park your car, you will be able to find it easily.

Automend Pro Features – (Automend Pro reviews)

Automend Pro Is The Future of Auto Repairs and The Defender Of Your Family and Friends From Crooked Mechanics. Below are it’s unique features

Automend pro reviews
Automend Pro

Know The Status Of Your Car

Before you take your car or truck in for repairs, it tells you exactly what is wrong and puts you in the driver’s seat with your auto repair place and your mechanic.

It immediately gets a complete update on your vehicle with its year and model. If there are any mechanical or other issues with your car or truck, they are instantly displayed on your phone. You will have all your maintenance and other stats available.

Check Engine Light

Never be worried about that scary light again as Automend Pro will tell you exactly why that light is on. You can even turn it off easily using once you know the issue. You can take your vehicle in for repairs and only request what you need done.

It puts in your hand the full power and control over your vehicle and knowing what you need done. That is awesome and was never before available in such detail to non-mechanics! Next time you see the mechanic, you tell them what to do and not the other way around.

Save Money

More effective management of fuel consumption is the best way to save money daily. It allows you to see statistics that impact fuel consumption by you and anyone that drives your vehicle. This allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of fuel you use and save money.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is where you take care of things before they break down and it gives you the power to do that; it reminds you when maintenance is not just suggested, but needed. Keep your car from breaking down BEFORE A SMALL PROBLEM BECOMES A BIG EXPENSIVE ONE!


Automend Pro has a unique feature that quickly and easily allows you to locate your car. That means no matter where you park your car, you will find it easily!

Automend Pro Specifications – (Automend Pro Reviews)

  • Size (mm): 70*90*30
  • Weight (g): 75
  • Connection: WiFi or data
  • Compatible with smart phones
  • Free app
  • Compatible with cars built after 1996

How Does Automend Pro Work?

Automend Pro is a simple, easy to use device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will tell you everything that a sneaky service manager doesn’t want you to know

To use the automend pro, you need to have an internet connection. To use the device, turn off the engine first, then plug the device into a port (OBD II) found under the steering wheel column and below the dashboard.

Next connect the device to the mobile app on your smartphone or iPad and click “Evaluation Scan”. Depending on the vehicle’s engine status, all the diagnostic reports will be sent to your iPad or smartphone.

You can also choose which issues are dire and need immediate action.

Benefits Of Automend Pro

  • Works on all makes and models of vehicles made since 1996
  • Has over 7,000 error codes to tell you EXACTLY what is wrong
  • Tells you what other people have paid for similar repairs
  • Cannot be fooled by tape, markers, or missing bulbs
  • Free, easy to use app for iOS and Android devices

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People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars With Automend Pro

These dealerships treat women like garbage. Especially the service department. I once had a guy explain to me how tires have air in them. I don’t trust them, never will. I use my Automend every time I take my car in for servicing—which I have to do because it’s a new car and the warranty requires it. And they know I do, so they’re too scared to try to pull a scam on me. I love it!

Marcie R. – Akron, OH

I caught my service manager flat out lying to me, thanks to my Automend Pro. The check engine light came on, and my Automend told me it was because one of my tail lights was out. Buddy at the dealership gave me a whole song and dance about what needed to be fixed—and never even mentioned the tail light. It was going to be over $1000. He said he felt bad that the warranty didn’t cover it, so he’d knock 20% off the price. I said that I knew what the check engine light meant, and that if he ever tried to pull something like that on me again I’d call the cops. I got an apology from the general manager of the dealership, and they changed that burnt out tail light for free.

Danny B. Memphis, TN

I was so excited when I bought my first ever brand new car. But after a year, I had spent just as much money on repairs as I had with my old car. Something wasn’t right. Had I bought a lemon? Nope. I had a weasel for a dealer. With my Automend I was able to catch him lying to me, and since then I have had zero problems with my car. I like the way he grovels when I go in, too lol.

Charlie D. – Baltimore, MD

What Is The Price Of Automend Pro? – (Automend Pro reviews)

Below are the prices of Automend pro and you can buy them directly on the official webiste here.

  • 1 Automend pro costs – $49.99
  • 2 Automend Pro is – $89.99
  • 3 Automend pro is – $119.99
  • 4 Automend pro costs – $139.99

Conclusion On Automend Pro Reviews

Auto mechanics can easily take advantage of a customer who doesn’t know what’s wrong with their vehicle. But Automend Pro tells you exactly what’s wrong BEFORE you take your car or truck in for repairs! Stopped being scammed by mechanics who charge you for repairs you don’t need!

This device lets you know how urgently you need to get your car repaired, so you are never caught off guard! Use it whenever your car has a problem, or run it once a month to perform a checkup!

This gadget not only tells you what’s wrong with your car, it also tells you how much other people are paying for the same repair. Stop getting ripped off by overcharging auto mechanics!

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