Vital Fit Track Watch Reviews 2023 – Don’t Spend A Dime Untill You’ve Read This!

Summary: Enjoy a healthier lifestyle at 50+ using the Vital Fit Track accurately track and view your vital health and heart rate metrics.


I thought I was doing all the right things for my health. At 52, I just became a grandma and honestly, I feel amazing.

I stay active by playing pickleball with the girls and I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Although I can’t say no to the occasional chocolate croissant, I’m not a smoker and I’ve never been one to avoid the doctors. 

So when my annual appointment rolled around I had no concerns. Because everything should be fine, right?

I was wrong. Upon listening to my heart, the doctor told me he suspected I may have arrhythmia and wanted to run a few more tests. 

But, my doctor assured me that an irregular heart rate condition, like arrhythmia, is not entirely within my control, as heredity plays a huge role. 

My doctor ran several tests on me and was able to conclude that while I do not have any life-threatening issues with my heart, it is wise for me, now in my 50s, to start paying closer attention to my heart health.

Like the health-conscious individual I am, I talked with my daughter about the problem and we did some research online. My daughter suggested I consider a smartwatch. As she and my son-in-law both have them to track their steps and calories. 

I’d never considered getting a smartwatch until I started to read about all the advanced heart-tracking health benefits.

That’s How I Found The Heart-Healthy Vital Fit Track

vital fit track watch

With my doctor’s recommendations and my daughter’s encouragement, I knew it was time to get serious about wearing a heart rate monitor. 

Although I was not looking forward to forking out several hundred dollars for some name-brand smartwatches. I knew my heart health was far too important to ignore.

And for my second surprise of the day, I found out about the highly affordable Vital Fit Track smartwatch.

The reviews were outstanding, and the function of the watch was just what I needed – nothing overcomplicated or too techy but still sleek and stylish. 

But the best part was the price! At less than 100 dollars this smartwatch was a fraction of the price of other name-brand smartwatches. And it had all the benefits and features I needed most.

” I can’t say enough about this fitness tracker.  I have checked it against my other watches and it has more features and does an excellent job of keeping me informed of my temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen level. Others only measure my steps and my pulse and cost 5 times more than this tracker. The app is easy to use and the battery lasts close to 2 weeks

– David Weber 

What Are The Health Features?

Let me answer some very important questions about the Vital Fit Track Smartwatch, beginning with the most important: the health features:

  • Features Picture 1Health and Heart Monitoring –Track Heart rate, BPM, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation.
  • Features Picture 1Sleep Tracker –Monitor your sleep cycles, sleep quality, and duration for improved rest.
  • Features Picture 1Calories Burned –Accurately track your caloric burn throughout the day.
  • Features Picture 1Daily Steps –Set your step goal and receive reminders and encouragement to keep moving.
  • Features Picture 1Workout Recording –Record a variety of workout types and see your stats rack up
  • Features Picture 1Weatherproof and durable –Made with durable material to outlast the rain or sun. IP6/7 Waterproof for water activities.
vital fit track watch

The secret to Vital Fit Track is the revolutionary Green Laser on the back of the watch.

It can measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level (SpO2), heart rate, and calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All in real-time.
It can even perform an ECG on you.

I promise you, now that I have the Vital Fit Track in my life (and on my wrist), I will pay close attention to my heart every single day. I want to live a long happy life.

How Does Vital Fit Track Stack Up Against Other Smartwatches?

Vital Fit Track has everything you need to begin a healthier lifestyle today. At a third of the price of regular name-brand smartwatches, Vital Fit Track is taking the fitness for the 50+ world by storm.

  • User-friendly interface with large Color 1.3” HD display
  • Syncs to iPhone (IOS) and Android phones
  • Never miss a call and quickly send messages right on your wrist
  • Accessible timer and alarms
  • Customizable social media notifications
  • Reminders sync from your phone to keep you on task
  • Find my phone feature can ping your phone when needed
  • Easily snap a group pic with its remote control capabilities
  • Optimal music controls (volume, pausing, and skipping songs)
  • Long-lasting battery life (up to 2 weeks)
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • IP6/7 Waterproof (safe to use while swimming or showering)

Shop RISK-FREE with our 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Vital Fit Track, simply send it back and receive a full refund!

vital fit track watch

With 36,000 “5 Star” Reviews the Vital Fit Track is Changing Lives

See what others have to say about the quality of the Vital Fit Track

vital fit track watch

“First impressions. This watch is freakin awesome. It is actually very accurate with my blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, and temp. That is my main reason for this watch. The fit is perfect. comfortable and stylish.”

– S. Sorenson 

“Looking to check my BP valve during the day led me to this watch. This watch does almost everything like my old watch. It is slimmer and the battery lasts 3 times as much plus my sleep pattern alerting me to problems I had no idea of needing maintenance. Important BP measurement for medication and Dr info.”

– D. Musik 

“This is a great small device that tracks your vitals and lets you know important information daily. Well thought out and easily wearable. Good deal.”

– M. Jacobson 

How Much Does It Cost?

I mentioned earlier you could get Vital Fit Track for under $100. And you guessed it – the “under $100 price” is normally $99.99. That’s a great price.

However, right now, the company is conducting an online-only marketing test, and selling Vital Fit Track watches for the incredible price of $49.99.

That’s right – you can get a Vital Fit Track for$49.99. That’s 60% OFF!

This is a once in lifetime deal, and because the discount is so steep, the company said they could only leave it up until the current stock runs out. So make sure you act fast to get the deal (they make great gifts too!)

Plus, the company is so confident in their watches, they even offer a 90-day money back guarantee. You just can’t beat this deal.

The result is that you get a lower, more fair price.
Click here to claim your Vital Fit Track at the 60% OFF price directly from the company’s website.

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