Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews 2022 – The Miracle Garden To Grow Your Herbs

Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews. Dr Goodrow is the magical growing aero garden system that provides potent, super-fresh herbs for anyone, anywhere. This super-simple countertop garden is the perfect space-saving solution for growing all one’s favorite veggies, fruits, salads and flowering buds all year long.

This article tells you everything you need to know about this miracle garden that can grow your herbs all year round. The features of this new tech innovation, how to use it and where to buy one.

It is 100% safe, organic, also free from GMOs and pesticides. The seeds keep growing even in dark spaces, winter, and require absolutely no maintenance.

When I use HERBS FOR COOKING, I want them to be FRESH, POTENT, POWERFUL, and BURSTING WITH FLAVOR!!I don’t want old, dried out packaged herbs with the aromatics no longer fresh, with the flavor profiles and oils NO LONGER POTENT!

And so when I discovered, the Dr Goodrow Mini Garden, I knew it was such a product that I could not keep away from my loyal readers, because I know we all love to stay healthy and fit especially with our diets.

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Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews
Dr Goodrow Mini Garden

But I live in an apartment with no access to garden space. I had nowhere to plant seeds, nowhere to harvest buds that would taste great and enhance my home cooking.

Now there’s an affordable, EASY TO USE, powerful system for growing ANY HERB YOU WANT AT HOME! EASY, CLEAN, AND ALMOST NO WORK!


What Is Dr Goodrow


Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews
Dr Goodrow mini garden

Dr Goodrow is the magical AeroGarden that brings simple gardening to everyone! It doesn’t require sunlight, needs no soil, and can grow your favorite produce all year around!

Dr Goodrow provides the best environment for seeds to germinate, causing your plants to grow rapidly. Using the perfect blend of LED lighting, water, and essential nutrients, your plants will grow up to 25-30% faster than they would grow in a traditional soil garden.

This mini indoor garden lets you grow your favorite fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs such as thyme, parsley, seeds, rosemary, cilantro, tomatoes, rosemary, fennel etc.

It is mess-free. Get everything you need in one convenient package! Just add water to your favorite seeds and sit back and relax. No more tracking dirt into the house or washing stubborn stains out of your clothes. It’s so simple and easy, you won’t believe it!

Features Of The Dr Goodrow Mini Garden

Dr goodrow mini garden has so many features that you will love. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Accurately-measured nutrients for the healthiest plants!
  • 100% easy to do, with almost zero chance of failure!
  • Use commercial seeds or use the seeds from any plants you have at home!
  • Scientifically designed GROWTH PODS – to grow the plants of your choice!

Here’s What You Get In A Box When You Order Dr Goodrow

  • Dr Goodrow Planter Super Grow Base. It was sturdy and looked like it was ready for heavy-duty use!
  • Dr Goodrow Superbod nutrients. . This is not ordinary “plant food”. It is a special blend of incredible nutrients that will have your plants BURSTING WITH FLAVOR WHEN RIPE!
  • Dr Goodrow Growth Sponges – to absorb all the water and nutrients that make your herbs taste as good as can be!
  • Super Growth Baskets to hold your new growths!
  • Super Bud Domes – to tremendously speed up your plants’ growth!

How To Use The Dr Goodrow Mini Garden

Step 1 – Unbox your newly purchased Mini home garden, then place seeds in growth sponges, place your sponges in the baskets, and drop them into the seed pods

Step 2 – Add water and plant nutrients to the reservoir in base.

Step 3 – Plug into an electrical outlet and turn on

Where Can I Buy The Dr Goodrow Mini Garden?

The Dr Goodrow mini home garden can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. You can make your purchase by using the link at the end of this Dr Goodrow mini garden reviews. It redirects to the manufacturer’s website.

It is best that you choose and pay accordingly to get your product delivered to your doorstep. You don’t need manual payment, for your Dr Goodrow mini garden, you can pay using your credit card of the following payment means: Paypal, mastercard, visa card, Amex etc. Your purchase details and personal information are private when you purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

Buying this mini home garden now will qualify you a 50% discount. There’s also an offer for 30 days money back guarantee.

This product is made affordable by the manufacture’s within your budget.

Now, you can enjoy growing your favorite plants and crops from the comfort of your home without any stress with the this wonderful product.

How Much Does It Cost?

Below are the prices of Dr Goodrow mini garden in their different packages and offers:

  • You can buy 1x Mini home garden for $49.99 (original price – $76.91)
  • You can buy 2x Mini home garden for $99.99 (actual price – $153.83)
  • You can buy 3x Mini home garden for $111.99 (actual price – $230.72)
  • You can buy 4x Mini home garden for $136.99 (actual price – $307.63)

Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews – What Are Customers Saying?

I absolutely love my Dr Goodrow. Any time I want fresh herbs, I just cut some off my plants. They taste so much better than dried herbs, and I don’t have to buy them from the store. I notice the difference with every meal I make, and so does my family.

Diana D. – Syracuse, NY

Dr Goodrow is amazing. I have never had much luck with growing plants—I guess I just don’t have a green thumb. But it doesn’t matter now. All I have to do is add seeds, water, and turn it on. I can’t believe how easy it is!

Eric I  – Seattle, WA

I love gardening, but since I moved into an apartment I don’t have the space, and it’s too messy to do inside. Since I got my Dr Goodrow, I have rediscovered how great it is to grow my own food, plus my plants are really great additions to my living space.

Marge W  – San Diego, CA

Conclusion On Dr Goodrow Mini Garden Reviews

In conclusion, Dr Goodrow mini home garden, the hydroponic garden is a self-contained ecosystem which makes growing virtually anything fun and easy.

Everything you need to plants is in the box. You can set up this mini home garden in your kitchen. It takes minutes to assemble and fill with water. It comes with a well-illustrate instruction manual. it’s so simple to set up and you’ll love it.

It has lamp’s 72 red, white, and blue LEDs, my plants get a full solar spectrum of light. It doesn’t matter whether you put this mini home garden near a window or not.

Light can be raised or lowered as your plants grow. Automatic timer turns light on for 16 hours a day and off for 8, recreating natural growing conditions. The first and last two hours of light are dimmer, simulating sunrise and sunset.

The absolute best part? There’s no dirt. After you put your seeds into the grow pods, you’re done. Dr Goodrow does the rest. And it’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home—though if you’re like me you will definitely want more than one!

You can put it anywhere; on your desk, in the kitchen, even places where there is no natural light. And because plants create oxygen, it will make the air around them healthier and more invigorating.

It’s a fantastic, healthy hobby! It makes the whole house cheerful and bright! It makes the house smell great, and releases oxygen into the air! YOU GET YOUR FAVORITE HERBS, BUDS, AND AROMATICS PRACTICALLY FOR FREE!!You plant seeds, and the active GROW SYSTEM TAKES CARE OF ITSELF!

It’s really amazing! Night and day, your Dr Goodrow cycles on and off, bathing your precious plants in specially-balanced light, and nutrient-laden water. You can track the growth almost every day, and WHEN YOU HARVEST… WOW!IT IS SO COOL!! When my friends saw it, they wanted one too. I even ordered a couple more. I wanted them in every room, and I was able to harvest even more herbs!!

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