Contours Rx NECK RESCUE Reviews – The Best Way To Remove Neck Wattle

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews.

Is your neck weighing you down, literally? We often forget to moisturize our neckline area, causing it to thin out, forming wrinkles and dryness. More often known as a ‘wattle’.

Thankfully, there’s an instant solution you can use every day. Contours Rx NECK RESCUE will help you defy gravity to give your neck a sleek, smooth look that takes years off your appearance.

Contours Rx NECK RESCUE transforms your look by tightening the excess skin behind your neck for a natural, youthful look. Instantly revamp your appearance with NECK RESCUE and confidently own your age!

NECK RESCUE doesn’t hide your imperfections, it enhances your natural youth so you can represent your best self every day.

What Is Contours Rx Neck Rescue?


Contours Rx NECK RESCUE is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of the neckline.

It is the Simple, Instant Solution to the Most Tell-Tale Sign of Aging.

Your Neck Ages Faster Than Any Other Part of Your Body

but with Contours Rx Neck Rescue you get the following:

  • Instant neck rejuvenation without surgery or expensive treatments.
  • A simple and safe way to look years younger and regain your full confidence!

Do You Have the ‘Wattle’? Chances Are High if You’re Over 40!

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews
Contours Rx Neck Rescue

But With This New Take on an Old Hollywood Secret, You Would Never Know It.

Ladies, let’s get real for a second. Getting old is NOT fun. The aches and pains of sore, tired muscles, the grey hair, and of course, the loose, saggy skin that starts to develop on your body. For me, the biggest concern I had was with my neck. Some like to call it the “turkey wattle” or “turkey neck”, I just call it embarrassing!

“Some like to call it the “turkey wattle” or “turkey neck”, I just call it embarrassing!”


I’m in my 50’s and still coming to terms with my aging body. And with this daunting reminder hanging around my neck (literally) about how time is flying by, I can’t help but think that there may be a solution to all of this that isn’t too expensive or a possible health risk.

I’ve thought about surgery, but the risk seems too high for me. Not to mention the cost! Surgery would require recovery time off work, and I’m not too good with pain. I hear horror stories of botched surgeries and I don’t want to become another statistic.

Another option are clinical treatments for loose skin. This can be through lasers, or other treatments at spas or clinics. This is not as invasive as surgery, but it could require a few days of recovery, and needs multiple sessions for you to get the results you really want. It’s also not permanent, so months down the road, you can expect to do the whole thing all over again. I don’t have the time or money for that.

Something that is popular with well known celebrities are injectables to “melt” fat away. As with laser treatments, it’s painful, needs down time, and is still not a permanent solution.

Weighing out my options, I decided to do a little bit of research. Is there some kind of new technology I’ve been missing out on?

I read multiple reviews online about this product called ‘NECK RESCUE’. I watched different videos about the product and saw other women, much like myself (in their 50’s) apply NECK RESCUE and their wattles went away instantly. Now THIS is something I could use! It’s easy enough, doesn’t hurt, is super-practical to use whenever I need it, and it doesn’t have any health risks like surgery or lasers melting fat through my skin.

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews
Contours Rx Neck Rescue

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews – Features

  • Revolutionary Design

NECK RESCUE was created with you in mind. The flawless design is translucent, perfect for all skin tones. Instantly transform your neckline for a natural, contoured appearance.

  • Instant Results

Wear NECK RESCUE when you have a special event for instant and dramatic results. No other product on the market will give you the same effect in less time.

  • Medical-Grade

NECK RESCUE is medical-grade, latex-free, and hypoallergenic. Wear the strip all day without irritation, redness, or itchiness.

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews – Benefits

The Best Non-Commitment of Your Life

With NECK RESCUE, you can confidently flaunt your sleek, smooth neckline every day. Never again worry about loose and saggy skin that adds years to your appearance. This revolutionary beauty technology is a natural solution for a younger-looking you!

  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Non-surgical solution
  • Recontour your neckline
  • Works instantly!

Restore your confidence with this amazing, instant miracle solution!

How To Apply Contours Rx Neck Rescue

how to apply contours Rx Neck Rescue
Steps To Apply Contours Rx Neck Rescue

Contours Rx Neck Rescue is quite easy to apply, just follow the simple steps below

  1. First, pull up loose hair from your neck
  2. Remove one side of release paper of the Neck Rescue
  3. Then Apply first part of strip and Press firmly
  4. Pinch excess skin and then apply 2nd part of strip
  5. Finally, press and hold firmly.

How To Remove Contours Rx Neck Rescue

Removing the Contours Rx Neck Rescue is also very simple, just follow the steps below and safely remove Contours Rx Neck Rescue

How to remove Contours Rx Neck Rescue
  1. Pull Up – first, pull up Loose hair from your neck.
  2. Apply – Then apply soap/oil to fingers or cotton ball
  3. Coat – Then coat around the strip liberally
  4. Massage – Massage the soap/oil underneath strip, starting at the pinch(center)
  5. Continue – Now continue working oil underneath strip and peel slowly.

How To Order Contours Rx Neck Rescue

Ordering Neck Rescue is a Breeze!

After a quick scroll through the Contours Rx Neck Rescue website, I ordered two boxes right away, so I’d have enough for two months.

Checking out was a breeze, even for someone like me who isn’t big on technology!

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews – Final Thoughts

Neck Rescue is strong, translucent, and non-invasive. Each box has 30 strips, so you have enough for an entire month!

Best of all, Neck Rescue is dermatologist-approved, so you can safely use it every day!

While I was going through Contours Rx Neck Rescue’s official website, I also decided to check out the reviews.

Turns out people LOVED them! There were so many 5-star reviews from people who had the exact same problems I did!

Contours Rx is also a pretty good brand, it seems. They’ve made stuff that’s been featured on QVC, NEWBEAUTY magazine, and tons of blogs!

Contours Rx Neck Rescue Reviews
Buy Contours Rx Neck Rescue

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